[Legion Listens] VOTE on our new Discussion Group ideas!

Hey Legion! We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience with the community - including opportunities to add new Discussion Groups in the coming months.

Therefore, we thought we’d ask you a simple question in our latest LEGION LISTENS to help us decide!

So, below we have four ideas for brand-new Community Discussion Groups, and we’d like you tell us which one you’d most like to see added to the community in the near future:

  • Vote for VR for me just cause the space is moving and developing so fast, though Indies were a very close second. 

  • I voted video games and tech reviews. Always keen to know impressions of the up and coming and new gears/games

  • Also a vote for the Video Games & Tech Reviews (Moreso because of the tech reviews). Things are moving fast in this space so always good to hear what Legion are working on/releasing in this space.

    VR/AR/MR/ARGs in second for me.