[Legion Listens] What games/studios do you want to hear from?

Hello Legion!

Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

For this week's Legion Listens, we want to hear your wishlist of games that our community team should work with. What games, studios, publishers, or other gaming industry folks do you want to hear from in interviews/content? Your votes will help to shape the community, so now is your chance to have your say!





BONUS - what other games/studios/etc specifically would you like to see events for?

Please UPVOTE your favourite responses so that the community's overall picks rise to the top!

  • Obsidian Studios & Avowed
    Larian Studios & BG3

    Counter Strike 2

    Assassin’s Creed Mirage
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • I honestly love the random games you put on giveaway as most of the time, they are games that I would have never previously played. Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown is a game I won and I realised how fun it is and how much I will play it with friends when they get it. Having random games means I get to have an opportunity to try new genres and titles I would have looked completely past. So I say keep doing what your doing cause it is working great!

  • My vote was for indie studios, mainly because they are games you might not otherwise have picked up and the developers tend to have such passion-driven, interesting stories and unique challenges.