Is Xbox loosing the console wars?

I wanna know your thoughts, do you think Xbox has lost the console wars?

I think unless they have some killer games or Starfield is amazing, is it worth getting a Xbox?

I was thinking of getting a series s, but it may just be a paperweight at the end of the day. 

  • I feel like Xbox is losing. Xbox doesn't have great exclusives anymore, and PlayStation getting the new spider man and God of war just puts it on top.

  • I agree, as gamepass has basically made the xbox just a PC without the good stuff. It might be controversial but a console without unique exclusives is a step behind. I mean if all your exclusives will be released on PC as well, there is not much point on the console. 

    You can see the extreme where the nintendo switch has many exclusives but its tech is pretty much last gen. Its the games that make the console great. 

  • It seems that the 'wars' can go back and forth at times, I generally find theres some great titles on each of the consoles to justify their ownership. Games these days are taking years to develop so also need to look at whats to come, though that could easily then justify a purchase at a later date closer to release of games you enjoy

  • They'll have Activisions COD soon too, so they are clearly catching up on sony exclusives. Starfield hoepfully will be a banger and contender for game of the year

  • Definitely, it's losing. Lack of exclusives, Bad design as compared to its rival PS5, I used to count its exclusives on fingertips but now I can only see Xbox games pass everywhere. No talk about consoles or exclusive games!

  • I think xbox will push their multi platform accessibility as we move forward, especially as the cloud gets better with online storage/ease of access etc.

    Being able to play on console or pc and continue playing whilst commuting to work etc 

  • both lose in my country. playstation 5 are low stock from corona year, xbox is not sold as ever. 

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    You will likely see more stock start circulating in the back end of the year

  • Xbox has definitely been lacking those system sellers for a few years now but it sure feels like Starfield is the turning point for them. Starfield is the first Xbox title I've been asked about by non gamers and some of the upcoming lineup looks just as promising.

  • Personally I prefer the xbox, Maybe just accustomed to it since the original xbox.

    Halo has changed too much for my liking over the years... Although I cannot go without the master chief collection.

    Another great game that is xbox exclusive that I enjoy is State of decay 2 although it can be played on pc nowa days like alot of games through the xbox app, the 3rd installment of state of decay is set to release soon which I am hyped about. 

    The spec's on series x (which is what I use) and ps5 are virtually identical.