Xbox to make an announcement next week on their future vision...what's to come?

I'm sure you've all seen social media platforms going crazy with Xbox related rumours of late in regards to them supposedly going third party...

Phil Spencer recent X/Twitter comment on all the recent rumours:

'We're listening and we hear you. We've been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay tuned.'

As a PC (Laptop) and console gamer who has an Xbox and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership I'm definitely intrigued by this, for me it's always been about the games over the consoles they're on so will be interesting to see what their future vision holds. Their Game Pass has provided an opportunity to play so many Indie titles I wouldn't have known about so hopefully it's ongoing in their future plans even if it scales back to PC only if they no longer wish to go the hardware route in future years. (I personally think they'll just go digital based only in future generations with the increase in the cloud gaming market) 

Starting this post so that we can discuss what's announced...

  • Everyone seems to be speculating that they're putting their exclusive games on PlayStation but I wouldn't have thought that warrants such an ominous business update...I hope it's not a move to cloud only since a huge segment of the world, including Australia, lacks good enough internet service.

  • Agree. however I feel like its inevitable they are going cloud based as well. Samsung TV's now have that ability

  • Reading past tech articles there's a fair bit of talk about Xbox Gaming App Store in the works for mobiles and other platforms. 

    That also coincides with Sarah Bond (Xbox President) comment in January about disappointment in Apple:

    “We believe constructive conversations drive change and progress towards open platforms and greater competition. Apple’s new policy is a step in the wrong direction,”

    That comment was regarding Apple's proposed changes, including Apple’s Core Technology Fee, which will require developers pay €0.50 for each annual app install. App developers get 1 million free installations before that fee kicks in, but there is no free allotment for developers of app marketplaces.

    There was also an update to change to the App Store guidelines for the first time to permit game streaming apps for the first time 

    - Is this a further hint of what may be to come albeit with Apple throwing a spanner in the works with these latest changes. 

    - Will it be a matter of offering certain games to the other platforms in return for their gaming store app to then be allowed on those other platforms, I'd imagine that it would also require a partial revenue cut also going to the host platform.


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    A mobile version of GamePass makes heaps of sense, given they finally got King in their portfolio and realistically mobile games are the biggest moneymakers right now. Think I'd actually be keen for that if there are enough non-microtransaction-y games as well.

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    Mobile version would be great, im sure it would come down to game by game as to whether it has microtransactions. New generation phones definitely have better capabilities, not to mention handhelds like the Legion Go handle AAA titles. :) 

    Gamestop (who have previously been the source of many inadvertent leaks via advertising or pre order info) have just put up an ad for 'Microsoft Game Pass' 

    Rebranding at bare minimum by the sounds of it...calling it Microsoft Game Pass would be more 'consumer friendly' on other platforms I'd imagine. 

    If my ultimate subscription allowed me to pick up and continue my gaming on whatever platform I choose that would be pretty cool, ie saves also in the cloud for multi platform pick up and go gaming

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    Not sure I'm a fan of putting Microsoft in the name lol. If they truely want multiple platforms they probably want to target Apple too, and I doubt Microsoft is sexy enough for iPhone users...

  • It's a shame the console xbox may have its days numbered. Possibly calling it Microsoft game pass I feel works, as even Apple uses still have Microsoft office 365 and all. Or maybe rebrand to just be all access game pass

  • The Microsoft naming hasn't been confirmed by Xbox/Microsoft its simply what's been advertised by GameStop, time will tell.

    What I find most odd is that they have a 'planned business event' next week but they haven't advised on what day/time, as opposed to their normal approach to advertise dates in advance...its like they don't want people to tune in for what they have to share.

  • Don't know if they will ever kill the console completely, but I can see it pivoting to an online-only/game streaming box only.

  • If they go the route of streaming... Imagine they join forces with say Nvidia and announce Xbox live GeForce Now, where basically all laptops, tablets, SmartTVs have the ability to stream games on a Netflix price point. They may keep the console, but why when it could be in built app in every tech we already have, and it can be streamed on any Apple product as well. Be what google stadia couldn't do.