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Lenovo Community Award Winner (2023)

Won a Lenovo Community Award for outstanding community contributions in 2023 during the 2023 Lenovo Awards...

  • 9 Earned

Legendary Collector - 2023

Earned over 1000 " Legacy" points on Legion Gaming Community prior to the 2023 Community My Lenovo Rewards...

  • 56 Earned

Legion Post of the Month Award

You can earn this extremely exclusive badge for winning our Legion 'Post of the Month' competition.

  • 9 Earned

Easter Egg Hunter - 2022

Participated in the Easter Egg Hunt giveaway - April 2022!

  • 27 Earned

Clip Champ

Win a monthly clip contest! Your gaming feats will go down in Legion Community history. This Legendary...

  • 14 Earned

Legion Reviewer - 2021

You're a Master Reviewer! Awarded to those who submitted a review for our 2021 Christmas Mega Giveaway...

  • 234 Earned

Future Shaper

Participate in a Lenovo staff User Research study to shape the future of the Legion Gaming Community...

  • 193 Earned

Treasure Hunt - Legion Laptops

Be one of the first users to complete our Legion 2021 Laptop Launch Treasure Hunt! Stay tuned for more...

  • 37 Earned

Top Contributor - Epic

Submit 20 discussions in community groups/forums. Now that's what we call leadership! This Epic badge...

  • 58 Earned

Top Contributor - Rare

Submit 3 discussions in community groups/forums. What's on your mind? Lead the conversation! This...

  • 469 Earned

Master - Epic

Comment 25 times in community group discussions. Got something to say? Prove it! This Epic badge...

  • 402 Earned

Master - Rare

Comment 5 times in community group discussions. The best way to start getting plugged into the Legion...

  • 1347 Earned

Decurion - Mythic

Earn 2000 total community points in the community. There's no point in us trying to stop you now.....

  • 142 Earned

Decurion - Rare

Earn 50 total community points in the community. We hope you understand the point(s) of this quest...

  • 2540 Earned

Centurion - Mythic

Gain 75 total likes on your posts in community. The people REALLY like what you're putting down. ...

  • 35 Earned

Centurion - Rare

Gain 5 total likes on your posts in community. Have what it takes to rack up the likes? This Rare...

  • 602 Earned

Legion Community Elite

This Elite badge is awarded to members of the Legion Community for more than six months!

  • 163887 Earned

Legion Profile Completed

Complete your Gaming Per Week , How Long Gaming , and Gaming Platforms fields on your profile The party...

  • 6214 Earned

Legion Community Member

Sign into the community to become an official registered member. Look, if you can't complete this one...

  • 182462 Earned

Legion Loyalist

This Epic badge is awarded for being a community member for more than thirty days!

  • 179877 Earned