Lenobro is taking over the Community!

Get to know one of our favourite Community advocates and why he preaches all things Legion. From now until July 25, Lenobro will be dropping some of his freshest deals and sharing why he’s hand-picked these game changing units. Today, Lenobro's covering the Legion 5i PRO:

A cult favourite amongst the gaming community for good reason. The ever so gorgeous 16:10 WQHD display is perfect for both gamers and content creators. The 165HZ with G-Sync panel is so smooth that putting butter on toast now seems difficult and that 500 nits of brightness? Well, it shines so bright Rhianna wrote a song about diamonds on it. Now Andre 3000 does ask a good question, what is cooler than being cool? The answer? Coldfront 4.0, which dissipates heat faster than milk with chill. Often on the list of many reviewers as the best overall gaming laptop, the Legion 5i Pro is in a class of its own.

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Offer ends 25 July, or until stocks last. T&Cs apply.