Want to give feedback that shapes the future of Legion products? This your chance!

Use the link below to apply for an exclusive interview with our Legion Product User Research team. Available slots will fill up quickly, so be quick!


  • From their listed timeslots available to nominate for at the end of that survey link I believe today was the last day of the current interview sessions. I imagine they were initially just going with the US/UK audiences but then opened it up to AUS as well and may be able to factor in the possibility of different timings for future sessions locally (though to be honest personally the early mornings work great for me as I often am up for product/game launches and to train before work).

    Hopefully there will be more sessions in the future as well so it's definitely worth taking the time to complete the survey if you're interested in supporting both LEGION and the gaming community as whole :)

  • I was also thinking that, if I get selected I am hoping it is possibly at night for me to make it easier otherwise it could happen during a time I am not available.

  • Those timings (ET Times) will be interesting for those of us in Aus! Surprised you didn't use separate research teams for each region and then combine/collate the information.