Game Key Giveaways: Jack Axe and My Lovely Wife

Two weeks. Two game keys up for grabs! We really do spoil ya, don’t we? Jokes aside, we have beta game key giveaways for Jack Axe and My Lovely Wife, exclusively for Legion Gaming Community members once again courtesy of our friends at Neon Doctrine.

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Jack Axe Beta Game Key Giveaway: ENTER NOW

My Lovely Wife Beta Game Key Giveaway: ENTER NOW


Be Jack! Get an axe! That’s Jack Axe. Take Jack (and her sisters) on an axe tossing, single or multiplayer, platforming adventure in a vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology.


My Lovely Wife delves into the depths of a man’s grief after the sudden death of his beloved wife. Explore the notions of one’s willingness to do anything for love and the importance of letting go in this mix of dating, management, and alchemy simulators.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another game key giveaway from a new publisher, so make sure to play these games to death before then!