In this video, Austin Evans really takes the new Lenovo Legion 9i fully apart to see what makes it tick.

If you've been curious to see what the innovative liquid cooling actually looks like, Austin has you covered this video! Head over to Austin Evans YouTube channel for news and reviews on all the latest tech.

  • some users might find it a bit on the heavier side, which could be a consideration if portability is a priority. Additionally, like many gaming laptops, battery life might not be its strongest suit.

  • Geez, I know I said I wanted to see a deep dive but didnt think i'd see it being disassembled!! Does confirm what we already know that LEGION laptops are definitely a quality build!! Also love the extra RGB around the edges. Seriously though there is no way in hell Id be pulling it apart if I was fortunate to have this beast of a laptop in the future!