Austin Evans upgrades his brand-new Lenovo Legion Go and talks through his thoughts on the device and its performance.

What do you all think of the Legion Go? Are you planning to try it out?

  • Seems like one of the better handheld PCs out right now. Love the versatility of the controllers. Keen to give one a try

  • Very interested device. Been contemplating on getting one of these. The more videos I watch, the more I want to get a more hands on experience of the Legion Go myself. 

  • They are awesome, I will definitely be looking to get one in the future!! I love the versatility in being able to use them for both work and play.... definitely more play though!! 
    Have seen some great feedback on them including the above video and games both look and run amazing. And yes there have been a few launch issues (just like other similar products that launched) however the LEGION team has been great in communicating the numerous fixes they're working on and getting out to the community.