We gave Dave2D early access to the Legion Go, check out his impressions in the video above.

Dave was particularly impressed with the FPS mode and how many additional games it really opens up for you play on a handheld gaming device. Head over to Dave's channel to see all of his videos around the latest tech!

  • amazing piece of tech, its a game changer for sure. 

  • 'd probably go with something like, "Dave2D's first impressions of the Legion Go are spot-on! His insights always cut through the noise and give a real sense of what to expect. Excited to see a detailed review soon!

  • Mmm this thing is crazy tempting! I still don't think I'd be playing competitive FPS on it (mouse thingy looks like it would take a bit of getting used to) but definitely will help clear out the single player shooters from the backlog. Smile

  • Great review Dave!

    I can see the FPS mode is going to take some getting used to, good to see another person giving it a review other than Ben for the different feedback. The more I look at it the slightly bigger size to it compared to the switch makes me feel like i'd be setting it up with the controllers disconnected and the screen setup on its stand.

    Are they looking at releasing a controller attachment to connect both the disconnected controllers to it in order to make a handheld controller similar to the switch? 

    It's good to see the controllers thumbsticks can be replaced as well.

    Will need to wait to get some feedback /reviews on the comfort of the glasses when worn in an extended gaming session. 

    Know its early but still have so many questions, really liking what I'm seeing though!