Good in Gaming is a new series on the Lenovo Gaming Community where we interview different gaming charities and learn about what they do and how other gamers can help.

This episode is all about Gamers Outreach: a charity doing some great things using the power of video gamers to improve the lives of hospitalized children and their families.

Head to to learn more about how you can get involved and help!

  • Love this, great to see some of the good being done! 

  • It's a great cause and stuff, but this video was very hard to listen to

  • I love this so much, so many people see gaming as bad but dont see the good side of it, ive been in hospital before and i always wanted something like this, beats the normal tv's anyday !

  • I really love how gamers give back to their community and its always awesome to see great companies supporting their streamers as well! And when its for kids theres no better feeling then adding your support behind the causes!

  • What a great cause, kids in hospitals need the distraction that gaming can provide them while they are undergoing trauma.