• ARK and Gloomhaven - tried these games? (Free until 29 Sep)
    I tried ARK years ago I kinda left it after a few weeks. It was very grindy and overall not so fun after a couple dozen hours. On the surface it looks very interesting but fails to impress once you start playing. I haven't played it since then so I might do a quick tryout to see what has changed... see more
  • Argionamento Legion duel 2
    Salve ragazzi, ho appena comprato un Lenovo legion duel 2 da un privato ma il telefono ancora sigillato. Il telefono come aggiornamento Android e fermo alla versione Android 11 e come OS a 12.5.137 ST. ​​​​​​​è normale? Grazie in anticipo a chi mi risponderà see more
  • Anime Anime Anime
    TRAILER OVA Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou: Maboroshi no Bouken to Kiseki no Kaigou 9/25/2022 By IchiuzYluu YouTube Channel see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Mobile--> Crime ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Yy
    SS see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us!
    would love to get the gamepass QueenTomato see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    (4 chats) see more
  • 🟢1️⃣2️⃣ - Finish the sentence
    @QueenTomato I wish I was more social towards people I would like to talk to. - - - Updated - - - I wish I was more hardworker than my friends at the school . If I had, then I wouldn't have been a disappointment for those who care about me and would've had more respect for myself, because... see more
  • Minabo: apoyemos al talento hispanohablante
    Mega realista el juego me he reído mucho sobre todo en el minuto 25 o así que está con la pareja y pone ''procrear'' ¿que qué? ¿que quiere tener otro? el personaje niega y dice... ''noooohh''. Saben que la economía esta difícil y se andan con cuidado, me gusta eso, está entretenido. see more
  • Juego: adivina la celebridad 🎥
    Lo mismo estoy dando muchas pistas, he incluso girado la foto para que sea un pelín mas difícil. ¡Buena suerte! ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Stray: los mejores mods para el michi cyberpunk
    Oye está curioso, madre mía hace que no juego al Spyro una eternidad, pero controlar a Garfield o personalizar el gato son muy buenos mods también. Yo de juegos en primera persona no soy mucho pero oye todo es probar. see more
  • New phone who dis?
    yea i just want the game pass to play fh5, too broke to buy it lmao see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us!
    QueenTomato well idk what to say really, I just want the game pass lmao - - - Updated - - - QueenTomato game pass pls ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Problema con el micrófono interno de Legion 5
    Has verificado si realmente tiene micrófono? (hay modelos de portátiles con webcam pero sin micrófono). En el sistema te reconoce que tenga micrófono adecuadamente? Usas el sistema operativo original del dispositivo?, si es así prueba descargando los drivers originales de su pagina web. ¿Te sale... see more
  • Competition: 12 Weeks in Azeroth - Week 9 (2-9 September)
    Saka omg I never knew that - I didn't play the beta and didn't read much about what players were saying about it at the time. Shattrath as a raid! see more
  • Gamers Browser 🎮🔎
    tried before not that good also because it has internal VPN software it is banned in most mena regions the ad blocker also not great the king of browsers is brave for sure see more
  • Problema con el micrófono interno de Legion 5
    Prácticamente nunca he usado el micrófono interno de mi laptop hasta hoy que note que no graba audio, intente muchas soluciones como la configuración del audio en Windows, activar y desactivar mejoras de audio, desinstalar drivers de Realtek y reinstalarlos pero no he logrado resolverlo. El audio... see more
  • Gamers Browser 🎮🔎
    I've tried it once...didn't get deep into it...but I'll give it another run👌 see more
  • Level 21
    MEeZOO you strong as an axe💪 see more
  • id17 - affiliate programs for sites
    The tool’s advanced features will allow companies to run large scale affiliate programs using a single tool, thus eliminating the need for spending extensively on marketing programs. Your home based business is not supposed to be another ‘job’ - which means you must enjoy it and you must want to be... see more