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    Reapersean hey there! Welcome to the community and thanks for joining us! This is the perfect place to make friends, game together online and join various different conversations :) What games are you playing at the moment? see more
  • No hay planes para llevar Diablo IV a Xbox Game Pass
    Beocrulft Inyeon Blackgem "80€ la edición mas básica en Xbox..." 😩 Así no se puede. Toda la razón tiene Beo, sale mucho mejor conseguir una página de juegos fiable, porque afortunadamente siempre tienen promos. ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Take a moment to love yourself!
    It is a nice image, though I wish it were in the present rather than past simple tense. see more
  • Hello!
    lion6379 hey there and welcome to the community! Great to here that you love the community! Are you playing any games at the moment? see more
  • Lenovo Legion T5 26AMR5. Problemi all'avvio dopo aggiornamento di win11
    Marcoit17 no guarda, capisco bene quello che vuoi dire. Io sono appassionato di auto e a volte capita che anche un ottimo brand produca una macchina che nasce "male". Io purtroppo lato mio non posso fare molto per aiutarti in quanto sei già stato in contatto con l'assistenza, posso passare questo... see more
  • Hey Everyone, my name is Arno.
    Lakkabrah thank you for the awesome introduction! It's great to learn more about you and to have you be part of our community :D What type of musician are you? Do you play any specific instrument?😍 see more
  • [Juego] La palabra que sigue a la otra
    YeiCov qué hermosa esa cascada. Ya con ganas de que sea primavera/verano para salir de casa. Mi arte favorito es definitivamente la MÚSICA. ¿Alguna recomendación, señores? see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    Saka There are so many plays and stories on this subject. And stories that play grotesquely around the matter, too, like Stanisław Lem's "The Eleventh Voyage". But inventing a word like that is impressive, so kudos to the play. see more
  • Hello
    QueenTomato Yes i play some mobile games like Lords mobile and Township. - - - Updated - - - gohan Thanks for the link, will definitely check it out. see more
  • F1 2023 - GP Arabia Saudi - "to 100 or not 100"
    YeiCov ouch... un fin de semana duro entonces. 😥 Pero bueno, eso significa que de ahora en adelante, por pura ley de la probabilidad, todo debería mejorar. 😉 see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    Saka I know nothing about how kendo sessions are normally set out, I'm afraid. But shouldn't there be downtime regardless, to avoid overexertion? see more
  • The Witcher de Netflix sigue alejándose de los libros: «hemos hecho algo que nadie ha leído ni visto antes en el mundo de The Witcher”
    YeiCov jajajaja totalmente cierto, realmente creo que ese hombre tiene el carisma suficiente para representar bien a cualquier personaje. 😂 Si no le veíamos la cara en el Mandalorian y aún logró transmitir tanto, en The Witcher a punta de gruñidos seguro que logra comunicarse tan bien como... see more
  • Hi
    qubered hey and welcome to the community! Unfortunately the Xbox Game Pass for PC promotion has now ended and we don't have any codes left :/ Would you be interested in gaming with the community every Wednesday or Thursday? You can join us in our weekly #GameTogether sessions! Are you... see more
  • Speciale Super Mario
    NES Longplay Super Mario Bros. 3 By World of Longplays YouTube Channel see more
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    casperdejare hello! We are as happy to have you here :) Do you play any games on mobile? see more
  • Hello!
    firelordzukoo hi there and welcome back :) I'm glad to hear that you decided to get active now, as you might have noticed there are so many exciting things happening around starting with Legion Fridays' weekly activities and our weekly #GameTogether events! What games are you playing at the... see more
  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    DracoTarot DoctorEldritch The talk about sentient robots being a threat to humanity reminded me of this Czech play, which actually invented the word "robot". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.U.R. see more
  • Japón 🇯🇵
    YeiCov es un buen 2x1, no sabía que estaban construyendo un parque de HP allá también. 😮 Otro para mi lista, porque ya quiero ir a este: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    DoctorEldritch Actually plenty, we can just line up and have no downtime when executing techniques. It was surprisingly a lot of running. see more
  • HI this is Dandorma
    Dandorma I had no idea Dandorma was a type of icecream! Which one is it? Welcome to the community and thank you for introducing yourself! It's great to have you join us :D What games would you like to play in an ideal world? see more