• Rewatch & WIN with the Lenovo Legion Launch livestream!
    It's called Legion Coldfront. My favorite device is the Legion 7i Gen 9. Great performance, reasonable price and perfect design. see more
  • 9️⃣5️⃣ Rhyme Chain 🎷
    @Farhan050 suddenly I feel irrelevant... ​​​​​​​Boon see more
  • Rewatch & WIN with the Lenovo Legion Launch livestream!
    The Lenovo Legion cooling system is called: "Legion ColdFront". Definitely loved the challenges for presenting the products it wasn't lame and boring talks. But the product that stood as my favourite Lenovo Legion device is definitely the Lenovo Legion Pro 7i (not only cause Im Xzit thamer... see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan ZA Livestream and WIN!
    @Sarkhan I love Lenovo Legion because It's my dream laptop. The sweet and smooth design. One of the best things is that it's giving exquisite graphics while maintaining top-notch performance. The RGB customizations are endless and its looks amazing. This can easily be placed as a gaming beast. see more
  • Rewatch & WIN with the Lenovo Legion Launch livestream!
    Legion Coldfront see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan ZA Livestream and WIN!
    Hi Lenovo Honestly I’ve never owned a lenovo legion, however I do own a lenovo laptop which is almost as old as I am haha and let me telll you, that thing still works like a charm. Not much gaming capabilities but it never once let me down with simple office work. So why I love lenovo? It’s... see more
  • Early analysis of midrange laptop RTX 4000 series
    With the launch of the RTX 4000 series, NVIDIA has promised significant advancements in laptop graphics performance. Here, we explore the early impressions and analyses of midrange laptops equipped with these powerful GPUs. see more
  • Snowpiercer is back for the final season!
    Snowpiercer is back on track for its much-anticipated final season, promising to deliver a thrilling conclusion to the post-apocalyptic saga. As the train hurtles through a frozen wasteland, fans are eager to see how the story of survival, rebellion, and resilience will come to a close. Here’s a... see more
  • Spam on the forum: ADMIN take the right decisions!
    In recent times, our forum has been experiencing an increase in spam posts, disrupting the community's discussions and affecting the overall user experience. It's crucial that the forum administrators take decisive action to tackle this issue head-on. Here are some key steps that the admin team can... see more
  • Join for a chance to win Legion GO! (THE COMPETITION IS OVER!)
    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Legion GO giveaway. The competition has officially ended, and winners will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and updates! see more
  • Hi and thanks for this great community!
    Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying the community. How can I assist you today? see more
  • Lenovo is coming to Kongsberg Agenda 2024!
    Tech Giant Lenovo Set to Make Waves at Kongsberg Agenda 2024 see more
  • Like a Dragon Yakuza is getting an Amazon series!
    Amazon Prime is set to bring the beloved "Like a Dragon Yakuza" video game series to life with a new adaptation. Fans of the franchise can look forward to an exciting and action-packed series that delves into the gritty and dramatic world of the Yakuza. The adaptation promises to stay true to the... see more
  • Rewatch & WIN with the Lenovo Legion Launch livestream!
    @UnapologeticDino The Lenovo Legion gaming laptops use a cooling system called Legion Coldfront. It typically consists of dual fans, heat pipes, and air vents to keep your laptop from overheating during intense gaming sessions. Higher-end models might have fancy upgrades like liquid metal... see more
  • 9️⃣8️⃣ Show Me Your Last Screenshot! 📸
    so my last screen monitors were me signing into steam trying to get my game to work battling my air off for a while now and the first one is me requesting a RTX 1080 from a IT company that owes me parts this was screenshots from my cell phone see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan ZA Livestream and WIN!
    I love Lenovo Legion because it is build with gaming in mind but it can also be useful on daily professional tasks, I am all for work and play, and when I am not playing Call Of Duty on my Lenovo, I am working as an IT Specialist and I get great performance, long lasting battery life and to top it... see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan ZA Livestream and WIN!
    @Sarkhan I love lenovo legion because not only are the products super sleek and stylish, but they offer incredible performance and durability for gamers and creatives that make playing any game a breeze. The lenovo brand is also so well established and trusting in their quality that you can't go... see more