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  • Zapraszamy na 4tą edycję Turnieju Fortnite!
    Hej wszystkim! Do trzech razy sztuka… a jeśli nadal Wam się nie udało, macie kolejną szansę na zdobycie laptopa w naszej czwartej odsłonie Turnieju Fortnite prowadzonego przez naszego niesamowitego @hajtv 😎 Zasady turnieju see more
  • October: Spooky Month in the Legion Community! 🎃
    Hello Legion Gamers! The tasty Food Month is over, and while I am sad to see it go, we're now entering the exciting new month of October! And traditionally, same as last year, here in Legion Community, this month is dedicated to all things spooky culminating in the kooky Halloween! 👻 ​​​​​​​... see more
  • GameTogether changes are coming!
    Hello Legion Gamers! We're changing the GameTogether timetable starting this October! From now on, instead of having GameTogether events every week with two of the CMs, there will be one BIG GameTogether event each month with all of the CMs! "But what about between those monthly... see more
  • Legion GO Pre-Orders
    Hey! So the new hand-held from Lenovo - the legion go - is now open for pre orders @ $700 for 512gb and $750 for 1tb with shipping expected to be the 31st October this year. I haven't seen any unboxings on the device (purposely), just promos and ads, but from what I know this thing is a... see more
  • Moonring Gratis su Steam
    Moonring Gratis su Steam: see more
  • Spider-Man 2 - Cinematic Trailer
    Hello everyone, during the last week I've seen on the Community that there is a lot of excitement for the release of the new Spider-Man 2 videogame that is happening on the 20th of October. Well, yesterday Marvel released a new cinematic trailer that is soooo cool, check it out! Will... see more
  • Idol Showdown Gratis Su Steam
    Idol Showdown Gratis Su Steam: see more
  • BETA Call of Duty MW3!
    Ciao a tutti, manca poco più di un mese all'uscita del nuovo Call of Duty MW3 e mancano pochissimi giorni all'uscita della versione Beta che sarà disponibile questo weekend, voci dicono che bisognerà scaricare due pacchetti per un peso complessivo di circa 25 GB, partiamo bene ahah Io... see more
  • EVERSPACE™ 2 -30% su Steam
    EVERSPACE™ 2 scontato -30% su Steam: see more
  • Monster Hunter Now ya disponible gratis en moviles.
    Guay, es un Pokémon GO pero del mundo de MH, cierto? Pokémon GO me gusta, aunque la IP de Monster Hunter no, pero es interesante. see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Dessert --> Sucré see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch I clean my PC every second week and blow out all the dust with compressed air. We haven't had any rain, and the environment is still dry and dusty. I have to clean my desk and equipment often. see more
  • Project Mugen ese ARPG que está dando de que hablar
    No es mi estilo de juego, pero cada nuevo lanzamiento es motivo de celebración y que vengan muchos más videojuegos en el futuro!!! see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Saka GE Mi zainstalowało od razu po odpaleniu karty graficznej, dlatego sądziłem, że każdy to ma ;) see more
  • UNBOXING Legion Go
    Qué chulo! Ay las ganas de tener uno... mi cumple es en 2 meses, las Navidades y Reyes están al caer también, ahí lo dejo 😁 see more
  • Accesorios para Handhelds PC
    @YeiCov - Bonitas fotos, te lo has currado un montón!!! Me encantó ese teclado, me podrías dar más info sobre él porfi? see more
  • Microsoft + Nintendo
    Ojalá Microsoft deje de comprarlo todo o se va a hacer dueña de toda la industria y eso es terrible tanto para la competencia, como para los jugadores. see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    So I can report back that the LOQ15IRH8 does indeed support 32GB of RAM. Due to some mishap I received a single stick of 32GB, and it still works in it. However, now that has me thinking of getting another one later on, so that I can have dual channel working again. 🤔 The memory training wasn't... see more
  • Octubre 2023 : Selección de juegos que se lanzarán
    Merci beaucoup @GoLLuM13 ! Tengo ganas de probar AC Mirage, Lords of the Fallen y Jusant me llamó la atención también... see more