• Jeux offerts
    Amazon prime Gaming va sortir du lourd (encore) : - Fallout 76 que je reessayerai bien ( oui il est aussi dispo dans le GP) - Total Warhammer II - La terre du milieu : L'ombre de la guerre ( Pour Frodon !!) et + see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    see more
  • Konkurs zakończony - Limitowana edycja podkładek pod mysz Legion do wygrania!
    darrunieczka Podkładka świetnie prezentuje się razem z tapetą na ekranie laptopa 👍Co było pierwsze? Zainspirowany wyszukałem w sieci i mam teraz taki sam pulpit w moim Legionie😀 ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Free Games 🤑
    James781 Sorry, but I have no idea. IT WAS FREE 2 or 3 years ago. I don't think it can be free in upcoming months. ​​​​​​​But who knows anything can happen these days. see more
  • ARK and Gloomhaven - tried these games? (Free until 29 Sep)
    MoriMoonpaw To be honest, I don't play online games that much nowadays mostly because I don't have the time for it so I stick with single player games (providing I find the time even for that lol). The only online game I still play for a few hours per week is Final Fantasy XIV and that is mostly... see more
  • ماضي كل شخص مع الالعاب
    QueenTomato كل عنصر في هذه اللعبة هو بمثابة مرجع للصناعة في كيفية صنع... شخصيات فريدة من نوعها لكل شخصية اسلوب و طريقة مميزة يمكنك ان تتعلق بهم جميعا بسهولة موسيقي تنغمس بك في اجواء اللعبة جيمبلاي بسيط لطيف بلا لحظة ملل قصة قوية محكمة ذات نهاية غير متوقعة ستجعلك تصفق لصناع اللعبة جرافيك... see more
  • 🎁 يمكنك الفوز ب T-shirt من Halo الرسمي في هذه المسابقة لـ Xbox Game Pass🎁
    avillio يا رجل انا مصري و الاهرامات تبعد عني مقدار ساعة وحيدة من المواصلات ولم أزرها حتي الان😂😂 see more
  • Saints Row on 23\8\2022
    A lot of hate arose from the fans of the game and from gamers in general ... I liked to hang out in the third part, but it was not some kind of special game at that time. So this part of the game is not much different from it in meaning and status. On the contrary, it got even worse as far as I... see more
  • Game Theme
    I`m pretty sure noboby know this game, but I really like music from Blockstory. That`s something like minecraft with lots of mobes. Poor graphics, plot and generally bad gameplay, but heroic music was good see more
  • Free Games 🤑
    JokerZida do you know when gta5 would be free to download? see more
  • Anime Anime Anime
    Reincarnated as a Sword - Official Trailer | AniTV BY AniTV YouTube Channel Gli isekai possono essere molto piacevoli e divertenti ma e' bello ricordarsi dei maestri del fantasy: L'eterno campione di Michael Moorcock, parte 1: Entra nel multiverso BY the library ladder YouTube Channel see more
  • Mario Mario Mario e altre serie
    Il trailer di Phantasm 2: PEGI 2022+1! Phantasm 2 Official Trailer #1 - James LeGros Movie (1988) HD BY Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers YouTube Channel see more
  • Il giorno dopo: LATTE:S.A. e' finita!
    Ciao! Il video Twitch di oggi mostra i progressi della Legion Community Tower: https://gaming.lenovo.com/emea/threads/12353-Legion-Gaming-Community-Tower-by-Ken/page11 see more
  • Legion Mousepad Lenovo giveaway 2022
    j7schultz nice u really have a nice setup their 😍 am still waiting mine lol but am happy that u got it after waiting that short period see more
  • 🎁 يمكنك الفوز ب T-shirt من Halo الرسمي في هذه المسابقة لـ Xbox Game Pass🎁
    اهرامات الجيزة من لعبة assassin's creed origins الصورة لاول مرة لعبتها فيها اتمنى ان ازور مصر و الاهرامات يوما ما.. بلد جميل see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    > et «gros >’"> see more
  • W które gry pozwalacie grać swoim dzieciom?
    Aaricia zjeżdżalnia, rollercoaster i ognista wyspa (to ostatnie robił sam) see more
  • Join in Forza Horizon 5 #GameTogether (Wed 28 September) and have a chance to win some T-Shirts!
    That was a fun #GameTogether (like always 😁) ​​​​​​​Thanks to all the participants and a special thanks to @QueenTomato and @Aaricia for this Game Night 💙 PS: sorry, my games are in French 👀 see more
  • The Last Of Us - HBO Max
    A mí es una de las cosas que más me gustaban, eso de estar en tensión con todos los sentidos alerta... 😬 see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us!
    QueenTomato ​​​​​​​Hi I cannot even wait for more in order to get free 3 months xbox code...Eagerly waiting for it - - - Updated - - - QueenTomato ​​​​​​​Hi I cannot even wait for more in order to get free 3 months xbox code...Eagerly waiting for it see more