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  • 🎉 Legion Fridays - الفائزون في نوفمبر!
    مرحبًا، أيها المجتمع الرائع لليجيون! 🦕👋 كوّنوا حماسكم واستعدوا لارتداء أقنعة الاحتفال لأنه حان الوقت للاحتفال بالجمعة المذهلة لليجيون التي أقيمت على مدار شهر نوفمبر الرائع! 🎉🎉 قبل كل شيء، نحن نرفع أصواتنا بشكل كبير ونهنئ جميع اللاعبين الرائعين من الليجيون الذين شاركوا وجعلوا كل يوم جمعة... see more
    Atención, atención ha llegado a su ciudad: El Medalleeeeerooooooooo En primer posición y con casi 600 puntos: El campeón indiscutiblede la Gaming Legion Community, por supuesto, no hablamos de otro que @GoLLuM13 , aunque en esta ocasión le sigue no con tanta distancia, el amigo @Ken3cento... see more
  • 5️⃣ Najmniej trafiony prezent, który dostaliście
    Hej wszystkim! Wczoraj zaczęliśmy dyskusję na temat najlepszych prezentów dla graczy, jakie kiedykolwiek dostaliście - dzisiaj pójdźmy więc w drugą stronę 😀 Niekoniecznie muszą to być prezenty typowo dla graczy, ale spośród wszystkich prezentów, jakie kiedykolwiek dostaliście, jaki był... see more
  • 🏆 Legion Fridays - November Winners!
    Hey, you amazing Legion community! 🦕⚪ Get ready to put on your party hats because it's time to celebrate the amazing Legion Fridays that took place throughout the awesome month of November! 🎉🎉 First and foremost, a huge shoutout and congratulations to all the fantastic Legion-ers who... see more
  • 7️⃣0️⃣🎮✨Game On: Navigating Work and Play🎮✨
    Greetings, gaming maestros! 🌟👾 This is our 1st Legion Fridays event of December!🕺 Embark on the epic quest of balancing work and play – the ultimate game of life! 🌟✨ Share your legendary strategies on how you manage to sneak in gaming adventures amidst the chaos of the work realm. Are you... see more
  • 7️⃣0️⃣ 🎮✨ استعدوا للعب - مواكبة الحياة العملية و اللعب 🎮✨
    مرحبًا، عباقرة الألعاب! 🌟👾هذا هو نشاط Legion Fridays الأولديسمبر!🕺 انطلقوا في مهمة ملحمية لتحقيق توازن بين العمل واللعب - لعبة الحياة الحقيقية! 🌟✨ شاركوا استراتيجياتكم حول كيفية إدارة الوقت للاستمتاع بمغامرات الألعاب في وسط فوضى عالم العمل. هل أنتم نينجا في استراحة الغداء، أو ساحر متعدد... see more
    Ciao a tutti, dopo un tempo che sembra un'eternità il Trailer di GTA VI è finalmente tra noi e su YouTube ha già superato le 50 Milioni di views in circa 10 ore, assurdo! Tuttavia c'era da aspettarselo e finisce con un... COMING IN 2025. Armatevi di pazienza, ma almeno ora sappiamo in che... see more
  • December: Winter Festivities Month in Legion Community!
    Hello Legion Gamers! November is over and the Winter is here! This means, as is traditional, that the next month of December will again be about Winter Festivities! ❄ And to start, here is some festive jazz: Some of you may remember that last December was also all about winter Festivities,... see more
  • House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer
    Hello everyone, I guess that I am not the only one here who is a Game of Throne fan, however, please do not get me started on the ending of the series... I would like to talk about the first spin-off that has been made, House of the Dragon. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I've watched it twice in a... see more
  • New AMD Software update (Adrenalin Edition 23.12.1) 🔥🔥
    Hello everyone! ❤️❤️ AMD has just released a new update for their driver software. It addresses numerous bugs related to power and display issues. Additionally, they have made new UI changes for gaming and the home of Adrenaline They have also introduced a new feature called AMD HYPR-RX... see more
  • Presentazione
    Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Carlo e sono un appassionato di gaming, da sempre stato un console gamer, fino a questa estate che grazie ad un amico ho potuto iniziare a conoscere questo mondo, mi ha fatto appassionare vedendolo assemblarsi il suo PC desktop pezzo dopo pezzo e mi sono chiesto perché non... see more
  • nVidia : Les versions 546.29 WHQL et le Hotfix 546.31 débarquent
    J'allais écrire à propos des Geforce 546.29 WHQL, mais nVidia a décidé de sortir un hotfix estampillé 546.31, et pour ne pas avoir à faire deux billets distincts, et que le hotfix est basé sur la version qui le précède, je vais donc faire comme si c'était la seule version qui est sortie. Je vous... see more
  • Jakie karty microSD polecacie do Legion GO.
    1.Jakie karty microSD. 2.Jaka stacja dokująca (hub). do Lenovo Legion Go. see more
  • Tales of Arise -50% su Steam
    Tales of Arise scontato -50% su Steam: see more