• Limitowana edycja podkładek pod mysz Legion do wygrania!
    @Aaricia hej wszystko jest wykonane jak trzeba chciałbym wygrać taka podkładkę pozdrawiam ​​​​​​​ see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot ok i got it bro i have problem with make straight line xd see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    LockOut it all depends on personal preference and what you like. Some do have a high concentration yes but others are called freebase with no additives. Only straight flavour. 😉 and it's not smoke it's Vapor just like steam. If you are interested in starting art the best way is to just pick up... see more
  • Limitowana edycja podkładek pod mysz Legion do wygrania!
    Jakby to powiedzieć dobra i nie dobra wiadomość. Im więcej osób tym mniejsza szansa na wygranie. - - - Updated - - - faxspeed możesz jeszcze wypełnić ostatnie zadanie na liście, gdzie wrzucasz zdjęcie swojego biurka. see more
  • Settimana del benessere della mente: le relazioni sociali ed il gaming
    Bellissimo argomento Walter, ti ringrazio per uno spunto tanto importante e spero di poter sentire il punto di vista anche di altri membri del forum. Ovviamente parlo da grande fanatico di tutti i tipi di videogiochi ma assolutamente non di parte, e vorrei partire dal presupposto che ogni cosa... see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    Valiguard j'utilise opéra GX 😀 see more
  • 🤑 Epic Store Mega Soldes Votre sélection ? 🤑
    OursGarou C'est surtout les sous malgré la superbe promo qui me manque. (sans compter tous les jeux que je dois déjà finir!) see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot so it's not high nicotine? just smoke? ​​​​​​​Because my friend use one I guess 50% nicotine and he can't take same breath you do and he knows that's not healthy but he like it🙂🤝🏻 see more
  • Giochi da tavolo
    Entro a gamba tesa con qualcosa di vecchio stampo e molto famoso, come Trivial Pursuit a cui ho giocato spesso in vita mia, ma anche qualcosa di nuovo come Disney Villainous (e tutte le espansioni) che è davvero divertentissimo e vi consiglio di provare! see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    LockOut 😂😂😂. It's basically the most healthy alternative to other things you know that are on the market. It's just understanding what it's all about and how to use it. It also depends on what type of device is used. Some will be small clouds and others big ones. see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Contexte--> Historique see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DracoTarot amazing draw i guess you need learn me how xd BROOO you cant take heavy breath like that with this class of vape be more careful for you healthy see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Game 19-26 April
    I will lean towards Moze – Gunner, and then when I get the hang of the game I'll move over to a second character. I think my second choice would be Zane the Operative. 😉 see more
  • Anime Anime Anime
    Ciao! La Terra e' in pericolo! Tanto per cambiare... ma non c'e' da preoccuparsi! 😲 Ci pensa la corazzata spaziale Yamato! 🤩 ( Se capita a noi siamo fregati! 😅 see more
  • Limitowana edycja podkładek pod mysz Legion do wygrania!
    Wziąłem udział w konkursie ale wypełniłem tylko 3 pierwsze opcje. Nie posiadam Twittera więc nic więcej nie zdziałam. Moja obecna podkładka firmy NoName :P ale za to świeci i to na rożne kolory :) see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    @DoctorEldritch when it comes to drawing and painting I do all sorts. It depends on how I feel and what style I want to capture an image. Mostly I like drawing with a pen and pencils. It's less messy LOL!. When I paint it will be a long term project and I do not rush with the artwork. Here are... see more
  • Witanko.
    Wypada się przywitać wiec witam wszystkich.👋 ​​​​​​​ Jestem hobbystycznym graczem. Obecnie ogrywane gierki to Cyberpunk, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider., NFS Lubie tez czasem pyknąć w CS'a czy Rocket League. Pozdrawiam :) see more
  • Can you guess the logo?
    GoLLuM13 your turn see more