• Medallero de la comunidad: Julio 🏅
    El Guerrero Número 13 es una peli de Antonio Banderas. ​​​​​​​Lo tengo bastante complicado para unirme a las sesiones de juego, pero a ver si algún día me cuadra y me paso, aunque sea a saludar see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    QueenTomato - - - Updated - - - as a gamer ill go for the legion 7 cuz of the 3080ti see more
  • ¿Si pudieras enviarle a tu yo de 10 años UN solo juego de esta época, cuál le enviarías?
    Mi yo de 10 años: disfrutaba de una todopoderosa Atari 2600 con unos cuantos juegos precargados. No teníamos conexión a la red eléctrica en casa, nos valíamos de un pequeño grupo electrógeno diésel. Sólo se disponía de una tele para toda la familia, probablemente de unas esféricas 13" ó 14" en... see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    I Love The Laptop Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 7 Fat Version Because Of All Of Its Specs CPU: Intel Core i9-12900HXBrand: Lenovo Legion Color: Display Model: Legion 7i Gen 7 Fat Version Memory: 32GB RAM DDR5 Keyboard: Warranty 100% sRGB: Yes Shadow Black: Display Video Memory: 16GB GDDR6 Graphics... see more
  • Epic Games Store لعبة مجانية 11-18 أغسطس
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله يقدم لنا متجر Epic Games كل أسبوع لعبة مجانية وهذه هي لعبة اسبوع 11\8 الى 18\8 من عام 2022 وهي: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! حيث تقوم بطهي وتقديم وإدارة شاحنة الطعام الخاصة بك أثناء قيامك بطهي مئات الأطعمة المختلفة عبر أمريكا التي مزقتها الحرب في هذا التكملة الهائلة... see more
  • Stray 🐈 is coming out July 19!
    @LilySensei (Paty) made an awesome Review on Stray at the Spanish community. We got to talk a little bit about it. I also saw some videos on YT and I am dying to play it! I love 🐈... specially mine see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    COLOR=var(--highlight_color)]Lenovo Legion 7 16" 165Hz Gaming Laptop - Core i9-11980HK - 16GB RAM - 1TB SSD - RTX 3080 16GB - DOS (Storm Grey)can't afford because I'm helping my family with the house and rent debts I really need laptop 💻 .. - - - Updated - - - ❤️❤️💚💚💚💚—l. Legion 7 ... see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    Legion 7. i really like the graphics card in it see more
  • Best food from games!
    What about the variety of dishes you can prepare and eat at The Sims 4? Here in Spain, at Christmas, I eat a lot of "tortilla de patatas" (Spanish Omelette), pasta, cheese, crackers, hummus and chocolate. For omnivores people: lamb, chicken, ham. In Brazil, at Christmas, I eat a bunch of... see more
  • ما هي أول لعبة فيديو لعبتها؟
    QueenTomato لعبة سباق السيارات على ال Game boy see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    Legion 7 is definitely my favorite, it can run all triple A games, it has wonderful QHD 165Hz display which I love and also the AI cooling technology is impressive. I can't wait to test this laptop someday and replace my current laptop. ​​​​​​​👌🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 see more
  • Otwarta beta Call of Duty MW2 ogłoszona!
    Hej wszystkim! Jak już być może słyszeliście, na zagranie w pełną wersję Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 będziemy musieli poczekać do 2023 roku 🙈 Aby jednak odrobinę umilić nam oczekiwanie, już 15 września będziemy mogli obejrzeć transmisję Activision Live na temat przyszłości franczyzy Call... see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    legion 7 I prefer the legion 7 over the slim version cuz of the better CPU / GPU and the better cooling I prefer performance over the slimness and the battery life ​​​​​​​Wish good luck to everyone at this give see more
  • ¿Probamos el Rumbleverse con amigos?
    LilySensei (Paty) - Sí, estuvo entretenido. El juego es un WIP (Work In Progress) a toda regla, contiene unos pequeños fallos, pero tiene mucho potencial. Es un Fortnite de lucha libre, donde todo el mundo se pega con todo en mundo. Es gracioso y creo que puede estar divertidísimo para... see more
  • Assembly Summer 2022 in Helsinki - Day 1
    Hi Saka! I actually do have a lot of more footage recorded from Assembly, but as I wanted to keep that video as short as possible, I only did use small amount of all the pictures and recordings I do have on my phone. If you would like to, I could edit another video which would be much more... see more
  • 18 de agosto: #GameTogether de Halo + 15 camisetas a ganar 😉
    Como siempre, yo allí estaré. Ya estoy descargando Halo Infinite. Nunca lo he jugado, sé que moriré a todas horas, pero lo importante es la diversión! see more
  • Celebrating 100,000 members on the Legion Community!
    since I'm fresh here i Like the friendly community and the Helpful Team the atmosphere is no Toxic and that Important ( since i was in many Gaming forum and Toxic was everywhere ) so Happy the Mods are keeping an eye on everything and i Liked the Team behind this Forum always come up with Nice... see more
  • #Gametogether - Torna Minecraft il 10 Agosto alle 18:00 - Community Tower
    Non dimenticate di consultare il nostro Calendario Eventi per i prossimi appuntamenti di gaming online! see more
  • What's a good cartoon to watch?
    We seem to have neglected this thread a bit, but today is a good day to get back into it, for it is today that we got not one, but two portions of exciting news: The third season of DOTA: Dragon's Blood is here AND the Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind was announced! While it remains to be seen... see more
  • #Gametogether - Torna Minecraft il 10 Agosto alle 18:00 - Community Tower
    Ho pensato di lasciare qualche screenshot della piacevole serata di ieri in Minecraft, dove abbiamo aiutato @Ken3cento a trasportare materiali per la costruzione della torre. Foto di gruppo Scavi La struttura della torre in costruzione! see more