• #LegionCreate2 Stage 2 Submission: FoxandHound
    Hahaha see more
  • What's up with The Last of Us™ Part I?
    DoctorEldritch Everything is possible but if we dig a little bit we can find that the studio that did the port to PC is Iron Galaxy which also did the port to PC of a certain "Batman: Arkham Knight" one of the worst port to PC of the industry, it was unplayable and that was so bad that the studio... see more
  • #LegionCreate2 Stage 2 Submission: FatRabitZA
    Yoooh that laptop looks insane!! Talk about travel and gaming!! Nice short clip with all the info to keep you interested 😀 see more
  • Batteria
    Ciao Kaywen grazie per la tua risposta. Comunque utilizzo il suo alimentatore da 330W quindi è davvero strano. Il modello è quello appena uscito 2023 e se non fosse per questo problema si comporta benissimo. Ho fatto anche la prova di iniziare a giocare con la batteria scarica al 10% e mi usciva in... see more
  • The Role of Men in Supporting Women Gamers in the Middle East
    I completely agree! Together we can make the gaming world a better place for everyone! 😍 see more
  • Batteria
    Catalds Haha, non mi aspettavo di essere così noto 😂 Allora, quindi tornando a noi hai un modello recentissimo ( complimentoni per l'acquisto, comunque ). In teoria la carica in modalità di conservazione fluttua tra percentuali vicine a quelle target, quindi se è così va bene ( tipo anche fino al... see more
  • Tekken 8
    Kaywen eheh, io questo che dici proprio non lo conosco see more
  • Batteria
    Ciao Lascax aspettavo proprio una tua risposta :) Ho venduto il mio Legion precedente e ho fatto la pazzia di acquistare il nuovo legion 7i con rtx 4090. E' una bomba e le performance gaming sono impresionanti ma ho come la sensazione che attraverso la carica non si riesca a fornire il wattaggio... see more
    SXB ON TOP✊🏾❤️‍🔥 see more
  • What's up with The Last of Us™ Part I?
    GoLLuM13 Could this all be a subtle but elaborate plot to make PC gamers give in any buy consoles? 🤔 see more
  • What's up with The Last of Us™ Part I?
    DoctorEldritch I was planning to, but now I don't know when or even if I will. When I saw that my 3900X and RTX3090 don't even fit for 4K I was doubtful and now with all this "drama" I'm a little bit skeptical. I'll try to get a copy from friends at least for testing before I decide see more
  • #LegionEvolved: lion6379 - Walter White pitches the Legion Laptop to an Alien
    My submission for the Legion Evolved Phase 2 see more
  • Diablo IV - Qualcuno lo prova?
    Legionari, qualcuno ha avuto modo di provarlo lo scorso weekend? Io purtroppo ho solo creato il personaggio e tritato mostri per una decina di minuti, quindi non posso fare un paragone con la closed provata a novembre scorso. Voi che impressioni avete avuto? molti dicono che c'è un ritorno a... see more
  • Jak LTT został zhakowany
    Ja w tym roku już kilka razy dostawałem sms z informacją o niedopłacie za przesyłkę i linkiem gdzie należy dokonać wpłaty. Mniej więcej w tym samym czasie rzeczywiście dostawałam paczki. Oczywiście od razu kasowałem takie wiadomość. Co ciekawe w tym samym czasie często dzwonił mój telefon z... see more
  • What's up with The Last of Us™ Part I?
    GoLLuM13, thank you, this was very detailed. Though it is sad then, that so many people don't realize they don't have the adequate build if Steam review numbers are to be believed. Are you planning to at all? I was, but now I think I should wait. see more
  • Take a moment to love yourself!
    DracoTarot There is a Russian sketch about a group of pharmacists who were trying to solve a crossword puzzle and were saying stuff like "a drug to cure headache, 7 letters, the first one is A" and helping each other with versions like Aspirin and the like. And the punchline was that, in the end,... see more
  • Jak LTT został zhakowany
    TrendaTen Właśnie dlatego Linus grilluje Google i ich poziom bezpieczeństwa pod koniec filmu. Np. na stronach banku nawet po dodaniu urządzenia do zaufanych jest przynajmniej weryfikacja hasłem. A Google pozwala pół roku albo i dłużej być bez wylogowywania albo na logowanie tysiąc kilometrów dalej... see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣5️⃣ - ليس في غرفة نومي!
    جمل see more
  • World of Warcraft: Sześć tygodni podróży w czasie
    Dla legionistów grających w World of Warcraft od dzisiaj jest dostępne wydarzenie "Turbulent Timeways", przez sześć tygodni aż do maja. To dobra okazja, żeby zapoznać się z instancjami z poprzednich dodatków używając systemu kolejki do zwiedzenia "Timewalking dungeons". Każdy tydzień poświęcony... see more
  • What's up with The Last of Us™ Part I?
    From what I understood, there is a problem of optimization, especially above 60 fps limiting the game to 60 fps should at least diminish amplitude of the issue or at best fix it. I thought I did the subject here, but apparently it is one of those exclusive for the French community >>here see more