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  • 🟢 2️⃣8️⃣​​​​​​​- Answer with only Yes or No
    Hi Legion-ers! For those who don't know, we will have 1 activity every Friday, posted on the Legion Fridays board, and 5-6 winners will be announced at the end of every month! This is the our 1st activity for February😎 What's this week's game? Answer with Yes or No only! How to join?1-... see more
  • 🟢8️⃣ 2️⃣ - أجب بنعم أو لا فقط!​​​​​​​
    مرحبًا باللاعبين! سيكون لدينا نشاط واحد كل يوم جمعة ، يتم نشره على لوحة Legion Friday ، وسيتم الإعلان عن 6 فائزين في نهاية كل شهر! هذا هو النشاط الأول لشهر فبراير 😎 كيف يمكنك المشاركة في مسابقة هذا الأسبوع؟أجب بنعم أو لا فقط!​​​​​​​ كيف يمكنني المشاركة؟ see more
  • Gwiazda finałowego weekendu Intel Extreme Masters 2023 - zawita do nas Smolasty!
    Hej wszystkim! Jak wspominaliśmy niedawno, będziemy obecni na na tegorocznym Intel Extreme Masters w Katowicach. Nie możemy się już doczekać i mamy nadzieję móc spotkać Was tam! 🙂 Abyście wiedzieli, czego możecie się spodziewać, postanowiliśmy przybliżyć Wam plan wydarzeń w strefie Lenovo... see more
  • ¡Citas y memes sobre el romance y la amistad!
    ¡Hola Legion Gamers! Febrero ya está aquí, y con él llega el nuevo tema del mes: ¡Romance y Amistad! Y vamos a empezar con un ligero debate sobre el tema. En concreto, una colección de citas y memes sobre el romance y la amistad. De hecho, el romance y la amistad son universales, y muchas... see more
  • Steam Hardware Survey for January 2023
    This year's first Steam Hardware Survey Poll results have been published. It's a poll targeting random users, the trigger for causing it to pop up is still unknown. For example I only got it once, last year, quite out of the blue, because it was on a new laptop, but not when I first got it, rather... see more
  • 💙 February: Romance and Friendship month!
    Hello Legion Gamers! <iframe src="" width=480 height=358.750 frameBorder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=""></a></p> We're moving forward to the new theme of the month. As we know, February is the month of love courtesy of St. Valentine.... see more
  • [SPAM] Dead Space Remake y FIFA 23 códigos
    Hola Legionari@s, Siento mucho por el spam, si molesta a alguien, pero tengo 1 código de Dead Space Remake y 1 de FIFA 23, ambos para PC (Steam), originales, directamente de EA para vender (porque necesito el 💰) junto con códigos de Xbox Game Pass de bindis. Si alguien tiene interés, me podéis... see more
  • co-op games to play on february 💙
    Want to do something exciting with your loved one? Try these games and take your february celebrations a notch higher this time It Takes Two This glorious co-op platformer takes the concept of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and instead shrinks two bickering parents down to the size of small... see more
  • Do you have fond memories from interacting with others in game?
    The theme for this month was just announced to be romance and friendship. This made me think about the games that let you play with other people - interact and possibly talk to them. Did you develop any great memories from those? Is there a particular one you would like to share? see more
  • Magic the Gathering, qualcuno ci gioca?
    Ciao a tutti, sarei curioso di sapere se oltre a me ci sono altri appassionati di Magic the Gathering all'interno della Community, in quanto spesso e volentieri chi gioca a Magic è anche un gamer e viceversa. IL GIOCO Per chi non avesse idea di cosa Magic sia, si tratta del gioco di... see more
  • Steam Hardware Survey za styczeń 2023
    Pierwsze tegoroczne wyniki ankiety przeprowadzanej losowo przez Steam zostały opublikowane: link to strony Steama Zaskoczeń w sumie nie ma, najpopularniejsze wśród użytkowników zespoły to starszy sprzęt ze średniej półki. W porównaniu z poprzednim miesiącem widać większą ilość fizycznych rdzeni... see more
  • Creed 4 Confirmed
    ​​​​​​​ With Creed 3 on the horizon this March, fans of Michael B. Jordan's boxing film series can already get excited for even more. Jordan confirmed that Creed 4 is "for sure," and more Creed spinoffs could be possible, too. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the meantime, we have Creed 3 coming March 3,... see more
  • ¡Gánate un código de Xbox Game Pass!
    ¡Feliz viernes Legionari@s!! ¿Qué tal os ha tratado esta semana? A mí, pues digamos que me alegra que ya nos hayamos despedido del mes de enero. Pero sin importar si os fue bien o mal, os traigo buenas noticias para alegraros el día: ¡Podéis ganaros un código de Xbox Game Pass aquí en la... see more
  • Wygraj monitor lub tablet w konkursie Cosplay na Intel Extreme Masters 2023!
    Hej wszystkim! Finałowy weekend turnieju Intel Extreme Masters zbliża się wielkimi krokami, a wraz z nim wspaniały konkurs! Jeśli lubicie wcielać się na żywo w postaci z gier i nie tylko, to jest to idealny konkurs dla Was! 😎 Jak wziąć udział? Prześlijcie nam swoje zgłoszenie na... see more
  • God of War Ragnarök : New Record
    In addition to having been the best launch of a PlayStation Studios game with 5.1 million copies sold in 5 days, we learn through a tweet from Santa Monica Studios this February 01st, 2023, that God of War Ragnarök reached the 11 million sales mark in 3 months, which is a new record for the... see more
  • Febbraio: il mese dell'amore e dell'amicizia 😍
    Ciao a tutti, tra 11 giorni è San Valentino e il tema di Febbraio qui nella Legion Community sarà dunque amore e amicizia. ​​​​​​​ Vi invito dunque a proporre qualche discussione che si allinea a questo tema durante il mese, magari una bella storia di amicizia/amore in un videogioco o in un... see more
  • What is the best Friendship and Romance in Games?
    Hello Legion Gamers! February, the month of Romance and Friendship, is gaining steam, and here is one of the first topics of the month: Friendship and Romance in Games! This is a somewhat complex subject, so I want to try and tackle it from a few different sides. When it comes to romance and... see more
  • God of War Ragnarök : Nouveau record
    En plus d'avoir été le meilleur lancement d'un jeu PlayStation Studios avec 5,1 millions de copies vendues en l'espace de 5 jours, nous apprenons par le biais d'un tweet de Santa Monica Studios ce 01 février 2023 que God of War Ragnarök a atteint la barre des 11 millions de ventes en 3 mois, ce qui... see more
  • Батарея
    Ребята, у меня на ноутбуке lenovo legion y720 вздулась батарея, в итоге я ее вытащил и от сети играю. Вопрос, может кто знает сайты проверенные и рабочие, где можно заказать батарею для замены🫡 see more