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  • Co powiecie na kalendarz adwentowy? 🎄
    @TrendaTen @tomrollauer @Sinber @Saka @Keyma Wrzucam podsumowanie wykonane przez @Marcelek , dodając wspomniane przez Was tematy: 1. Ulubiona zabawa śniegowa - @Deminy 2. Wasze rysunki z dzieciństwa - @Marcelek 3. W co dostajecie prezent 6 grudnia (pod poduszkę, w buta, w skarpetę, etc.)... see more
  • ¿Coleccionas figuras de Warhammer?
    ¡¡Hola amantes del modelismo!! Para cerrar la última semana del mes más friki del año, no podíamos dejar de hablar de ese fabuloso universo que creó la compañía inglesa Game Workshop en 1975 ...Por supuesto ¡¡hablo de Warhammer!! Y sin meternos en un hilo muy detallado sobre la... see more
  • Problemi contatto reparto vendite e parere laptop
    @ste1911 Puoi mandare il collegamento a quel prodotto che hai trovato sul sito Lenovo? see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @DoctorEldritch Yes, and my spouse likes all the Star Wars stuff in there, so that is a useful sub for us to keep. see more
  • Diciembre 2023 : Selección de juegos que se lanzarán
    @GoLLuM13 jejejej, pues ya que sale Alana de protagonista, me tocará jugarlo 😝 see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @Saka True, after that password-sharing gig Netflix pulled off, I can no longer share it with my brother, which is a pain. Disney+ is decent and Amazon has some good shows, but really, even South Park joked already about how there are so many streaming services right now that to watch all you want... see more
  • Meme jeux vidéos !
    see more
  • Game Awards Galore! (and a sale!)
    @GoLLuM13 Then for Final Fantasy what would be the good one to start, as in, the one that could showcase all that this series has to offer? While looking into it, I came to a conclusion that, not taking into account the school of thought that says you need to play in chronological order starting... see more
  • Cozy Games
    Hey gaming pals! I Recently discovered the magic of "Cozy Games" with the gem "Unpacking" – pure joy!! Any cozy game enthusiasts here with suggestions? 🍵 What cozy games do you recommend? 🌈 What makes a game "cozy" for you? 🎮 Any hidden gems? see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia @TrendaTen Dla mnie problemem była konieczność użycia zdjęć z małej puli. Wolę jak jest większe pole do popisu. see more
  • Free Ubisoft Game 🔥🔥
    Honestly, I've never played it but I think it's worth a shot since it's free. Would you recommend playing it on the laptop or on the GO? I'm aiming for the best game experience here. see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia zdecydowanie konkursowa tematyka mi nie podeszła, stąd brak mojego zgłoszenia w niedawnym konkursie see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia Ale pozakonkursowo to może do grudniowego kalendarza dodaj wątek z memami! see more
  • News From Dreamhack Winter 2023!
    @Gopliz As @GoLLuM13 says above, the model numbers on the cards for desktop and mobile don't mean the same chips. Sometimes that is true, but not so much lately. Even when they were using the same chips (1000 series for example), the mobile ones would receive much less wattage, running at... see more
  • Legion 5i pro gen 8
    Always to the rescue, right? 🤣 You're our tech guy from now on see more
  • Fellow gamers <3
    Welcome back fellow amego! I'm the new Community Manager and I'm glad that you're here 🦖 How about you join the next game night? see more
  • Got any Black Friday plans?
    @DoctorEldritch Right now I don't even have enough free evenings to justify paying for it, now that the price went up. At least stuff like Disney+ still offers a family package that doesn't force people to live in the same household... see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Saka @TrendaTen może powinniśmy byli dać konkursowi memów inną tematykę 🤣 see more
  • Fallout - "war... war never changes"
    @CandelaSynth Discord, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram... Al final lo que venden es volumen de usuarios, no sé y... posiblemente es mejor no saber... de dónde sacan para hacer negocio 🙁 see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    If you managed to lift the veil and glance at the mysteries of running Chrome, then really, I am not sure how you can top that 😉 I guess LOQ really has no more mysteries for you now. see more