• Finland's largest gaming event - Assembly Summer 2022 4th - 7th August
    ​​​​​​​You heard me. Hello guys! Anyone here going to Assembly Summer 2022 ? It's taking place in Helsinki, Finland between 4th - 7th August. It's quite special, as Assembly is celebrating its 30-year anniversary! Assembly is Finland's largest gaming/esports event and computer festival held... see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Couleurs --> Nuances see more
  • Mi presento
    Wersus assolutamente anche se il mio preferito in assoluto rimane il secondo capitolo indimenticabile 😊 see more
  • World of Warcraft #GameTogether & Competition!
    Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great! 😘 It's almost a time for our first World of Warcraft gaming night! 😍 The The Events Calendar has been updated with WoW Fridays - and we got some exciting things to do. Check it out for all the future events. Thank you so much @MoriMoonpaw for doing... see more
  • Presentazione
    Ciao spacci04! Benvenuta anche da parte mia. Io adoro Minecraft, ma da cellulare non è la stessa cosa.... lo hai già provato adesso con il game pass? Perchè non ci raggiungi sul nostro server?... see more
  • Mi presento
    Ciao genius89! Mi aggiungo al benvenuto del nostro amico GLaDOS! Adoro i vecchi Age of Empire, a te è piaciuto anche l'ultimo? see more
  • descrizione
    Ciao! Allora raggiungici nel nostro server Minecraft! https://gaming.lenovo.com/emea/forums/96-Minecraft ​​​​​​​Un grande benvenuto! see more
  • Ciao, mi presento
    Ciao albza! Benvenuto nella Community! Un esempio di gioco di treni? Io giocavo a Railroad Tycoon secoli fa... tu intendi piu' giochi di simulazione treni? see more
  • mi presento
    Ciao valtrix mi unisco al benvenuto di GLaDOS per augurarti una permanenza nella community! Ho nominato bei giochi, ti interesserebbe venirci a trovare nel nostro server Minecraft? see more
  • Forza Horizon 5
    Ciao a tutti, vi andrebbe di fare una carovana? see more
  • Fifa
    Cześć Admol! Witam! FIFA to naprawdę świetna gra! see more
  • Hejo
    Witaj, Kamila! Też uwielbiam The Sims i nie grałam w nią od wielu lat, dzięki game passowi będę mogła znowu spróbować. Nigdy nie próbowałam Farm Simulator, chyba teraz spróbuję! see more
  • Legion Friday ، طبعة يوليو!
    for sure im in it will be great if you did like the last legion fridays the first 3 fridays will be questions or puzzles to solve then the 4th friday you can do a competition or play toghether on discord see more
  • 3 mesi di Xbox Game Pass, solo con alcuni notebook Legion selezionati
    Codice grazie, comunque molto interessante il sito see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    TheArkGaming Hitman has been my most favourite game of all time and I'm a PC FPS gamer see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    TheArkGaming Legion; see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    TheArkGaming all time favorite game is warzone and my preffered platform is PlayStation ​​​​​​ see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    lesggoooooo ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Eh , I wanted to get the game
    Eh , I wanted to get the game, I would hand it over for 3 months. I would like to go through doom , battlefield , halo ) see more