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  • Hey les Gamers ! Avez-vous entendu parler de Xbox Game Pass pour PC ?Xbox Game Pass pour PC vous donne accès à plus de 100 jeux de haute qualité, y compris les jeux Xbox Game Studios dès le premier jour et l'accès au catalogue EA Play. Quel que soit le jeu que vous aimez, il y aura toujours quelque... see more
    03-11-21, 09:33
    796 replies
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  • Ehi gamers! Avete sentito parlare di Xbox Game Pass per PC? Xbox Game Pass per PC ti permette di accedere a più di 100 giochi di alta qualità, tra i quali i giochi di Xbox Game Studios il giorno del lancio e quelli del catalogo EA Play. Qualunque genere ti piaccia giocare, ci sarà sempre... see more
    03-11-21, 09:27
    52 replies
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  • Started a thread StylishSavages - EP.3
    Hey guys, This is ORCA from NASR ESPORTS! I have a question for you on today's stream: What is the name of my BOOK series Whoever answers this correctly, I will be choosing a winner of that episode at the end of the livestream! see more
    16-11-21, 15:08
    129 replies
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  • Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well. The previous Game Night was fantastic, and I had so much fun that I'd want to do another 😍. I'll be playing Valorant on Sunday at 8;00 PM and I would like you to join me. This time, we'll be giving away a $50 USD steam card to TWO lucky winners 🎉. ... see more
    26-11-21, 12:19
    51 replies
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  • Started a thread StylishSavages - EP.4
    Hey guys this is SirSAN from NASR ESPORTS! ​​​​​​​ I have a question for you on today's stream: - What was my favorite season in Fortnite Chapter 2? Whoever answers this correctly will be chosen as the giveaway winner for this episode! Goodluck! see more
    23-11-21, 14:54
    29 replies
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  • Hi everyone! I am going to be playing Valorant and am so excited to play with all of you. It's gonna be at 21:00 (UTC+1) this Thursday 11th of November!🤩Comment with your best agent , don't forget to comment to be part of it! To watch the stream: see more
    09-11-21, 10:51
    25 replies
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  • Hi everyone! We are going to be playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive and we would like you to join us!! 🔫 ​​​<iframe src="" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a... see more
    01-11-21, 11:48
    33 replies
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  • Started a thread StylishSavages - EP.1
    Hey guys, This is alvar from NASR ESPORTS! I have a question for you on today's stream: What is the highest rank I ever got on VALORANT? (TOP "??" EU) see more
    02-11-21, 13:53
    20 replies
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  • Cześć wszystkim, Chciałabym usłyszeć od was, w jakie gry obecnie gracie! Mam kilka różnych gier, które bardzo lubię i do których zamierzam powrócić w najbliższym czasie, World of Warcraft oraz Minecraft na PC. Zrobiłam sobie dłuższą przerwę i już od jakiegoś czasu przymierzałam się do... see more
    05-11-21, 16:49
    16 replies
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  • Started a thread StylishSavages - EP.2
    Hey Guys, Answer the question below, and a winner will be picked for the giveaway on stream: What agent comp did NASR play when they won Strike Arabia 1, and what is the famous Arabic term for it? Good luck and see you in StylishSavages EP.2! see more
    09-11-21, 15:06
    11 replies
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  • If you get to see one game change into a new genre what would it be?TWO WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN FROM THE REPLIES!A discussion we will have in my next stream on December 1st at 7PM UAE - 6PM KSA while playing Valorant. Drop me a reply and we will read your answers on the stream at... see more
    27-11-21, 16:31
    11 replies
    Lalianah's Avatar
  • ---UPDATE--- This giveaway is now closed and winners have been announced (see here). Thanks all for participating! See you around on the community and maybe one year in the future I will see you at DreamHack (you never know). ------------------ Hey guys! It’s time for an old school... see more
    12-11-21, 20:04
    11 replies
    MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
  • Hello everyone! How's it going? How is the weather wherever you are? Here in the UK it's starting to get really, really cold...perfect for gaming! ☃❄ It's even more perfect because Fortnite is back this week!!!!! After our epic game the other day, it's time to play again. Of course, you... see more
    08-11-21, 15:06
    11 replies
    Paty's Avatar
  • مرحبًا باللاعبين ، هناك الكثير من الأشخاص الذين يستمعون إلى الموسيقى أثناء اللعب والكثير ممن لا يستمعون إليها. ليس هناك صواب أو خطأ ولكن لكل منهما أسباب الخاصة. يقول أولئك الذين يستمعون إلى الموسيقى أثناء اللعب أن الموسيقى تساعدهم على التركيز وأولئك الذين لا يدعون أنها مصدر إلهاء. هل أنت... see more
    02-11-21, 11:32
    10 replies
    Tamara's Avatar
  • ¡Hola a todos! ¿Qué tal lleváis el frío de noviembre? ☃❄ Como ya es tradición a principio de cada mes, hoy os traigo los nuevos juegos disponibles gratis con vuestra subscripción de Stadia Pro. Este mes no tenemos grandes títulos pero sí variedad: acción, un simulador y un multijugador.... see more
    08-11-21, 17:34
    11 replies
    Paty's Avatar
  • Started a thread نلعب سوا!
    اهلاً ياجماعه متحمسة مره يوم الجمعة 3 ديسمبر 5 العصر بتوقيت السعودية ان شاءالله راح يكون فيه بث مباشر راح نلعب سوا فورتنايت او كود اكتبوا اي لعبة تبون نلعبها سوا بالتعليقات عشان تكون لكم فرصة انه نلعب مع بعض!😍 see more
    21-11-21, 12:10
    7 replies
    Meshael's Avatar
  • Hello everyone! On Thursday we will play Among Us together again! And it's extra exciting this time, because Among Us got 4 brand new roles to try out! You can now play as a Scientist, an Engineer, a Guardian Angel or a Shapeshifter! Can't wait to try out these new roles but, for now, a glimpse... see more
    23-11-21, 11:42
    9 replies
    DoctorEldritch's Avatar
  • ¡Hola a todos! ¡Estoy súper contenta de decir que nuestra Comunidad de Legion ha sido nominada para el Premio de la Industria de la Comunidad 2022 en la categoría de MEJOR NUEVA COMUNIDAD! 🥳 El premio a la Mejor Comunidad Nueva celebra una comunidad que ha mostrado un crecimiento y éxito... see more
    15-11-21, 18:53
    13 replies
    Paty's Avatar
  • ¡Buenos días comunidad! Este fin de semana de halloween estuve probando con un colega el nuevo juego de zombies, back 4 blood. Ya probé la beta pero no le di tanta caña. El juego consiste en hacer misiones como salvar a supervivientes, custodiar lugares y protegerlos, etc mientras que hordas de... see more
    02-11-21, 08:24
    11 replies
    eljjota's Avatar
  • Hi everyone! Man, I love zombies. Some of my favourite movies and series are zombie-related: Zombieland, The Walking Dead (first couple of seasons), Shaun of the Dead, and World War Z. There's something about seeing people fighting and struggling to survive an apocalypse that I find strangely... see more
    11-11-21, 14:51
    10 replies
    Paty's Avatar
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