• [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Oiseau --> Plume see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    I started it a month ago or so and yes it is real fun. 😎 see more
  • Its Giveaway time with The ARK Gaming
    I've started playing Fall Guys about 10 days ago and I'm obsessed!!! Such a fun and light game! How long have you been playing for? see more
  • Witam
    Wersus No SIema mam Nadzieje razem z Ekipą tutaj ograniemy coś mocnego 😁 ​​​​​​​Również Witam Serdecznie !!!! see more
  • GP F1 - Austria
    @YeiCov Esperando con mucho hype la verdad, los Ferrari el año pasado tuvieron una actuación discreta pero la evolución del coche este año los pondrá en situación de pelear por la victoria. Por lo demás Verstappen irá a por todas en la casa de su fábrica con gradas teñidas de naranja. Simpatizo... see more
  • ¿Qué os gusta hacer aparte de jugar?
    Hay unas cuantas cosas y otras tantas que me gustarían en un futuro como viajar y demás, ahí van: 1- Salir a tomar algo con los amigos, ir al cine, al billar, a la bolera, recreativas y demás. 2- Leer, ahora mismo estoy con Ready Player Two. 3- Me gustan mucho los drones y suelo volar el... see more
  • Hey Guys!
    @Quralin I found this on Game Pass, is it the correct one you mentioned? I need to try it out 😄 Oh and don't worry, apparently it's going to be super sunny here next week so I'm sorted. 😄 Edit: just saw it has a 12-player (2-12) multiplayer!! see more
  • Il giorno dopo: LATTE:S.A. e' finita!
    Un bel giocone che vorrei prendere! Ma esce a novembre su Steam ... LATTE:S.A. ricomincia! 😩 VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Official Gameplay and Release Date Trailer By GameSpot YouTube Channel see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Pygargue --> Oiseau see more
  • Finland's largest gaming event - Assembly Summer 2022 4th - 7th August
    Thanks Liue! This will be my FIRST EVER Assembly. Super excited! See you at the Legion booth 😄 Interesting to hear if anyone else from the community is going to be there. If so, let's meet up! see more
  • Nouveau venu
    Bonjour à tous ! Je suis nouveau dans la communauté, je joue sur PC et suis un grand Fan de la franchise Star Wars ! Je souhaite le Game Pass de Xbox pour PC parce qu'il y a 3 jeux Star Wars que j'aimerai essayer avant de les acheter, j'en ai déjà terminé un, Star Wars Fallen Order ! je l'ai... see more
  • Join us in World of Warcraft #GameTogether (Fri 8 July)
    Nice Wersus. Italy, one of those places I've always wanted to visit but so far never have 😭 You're welcome to anytime :) If anyone is completely new to WoW by the way and wants some company leveling up to 10, or going through the tutorial quests together etc. let me know, happy to jump in. 😊 see more
  • [Jeu] Qui est cette célébrité ?
    @OursGarou c'est oui oui oui see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Aigle --> Pygargue see more
  • Hey Guys!
    MoriMoonpaw Golf with friends is a super goofy fun mini golf multiplayer game c: And we only have very little sun here, so i think i will keep that myself, sorry xD Liue If you like a a very good written single player rpg, with some really fun gameplay, then bioshock infinite is something for... see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us!
    Hi! Please give me the xbox game pass for pc 3 months code, thanks. see more
  • Flight simulator
    Please give me the xbox game pass code! see more
  • Shimano jam jest.
    Cześć Mikumma! Witam cię! Którego RPG-a wolisz? see more
  • Witamy
    Witamy w społeczności, Meywol! Który otwarty świat jest Twoim ulubionym? see more
  • Witam
    Witaj Rafcio9055 wielkie powitanie w społeczności Legii! Czekamy na wiadomość od Ciebie! see more