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  • Le vostre immagini generate con IA
    Ave Legionari! Visto che spesso è argomento di discussione ultimamente, e visto che sporadicamente ne faccio uso, volevo condividere con voi alcune immagini che ho generato grazie a copilot (e vedere le vostre!). Il limite fastidioso del creare immagino con copilot (oltre ai blocchi dovuti per... see more
  • impossible d'écrire dans les jeux
    Bonjour à tous, J'ai un problème, je viens de prendre top spin. Impossible d'écrire dans le mode texte (pour mettre le nom de mon perso). Même si je mets le clavier virtuel, cela n'écrit pas. En résumé, comment écrire dans les jeux ? Je vous remercie pour votre temps et votre, Amicalement... see more
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is out!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II i out today! Now we can all return to the grim world of Norse mythology and Senua with her mental health disorder impressively portrayed in the first game. To commemorate the occasion, Ninja Theory head Dom Matthews wrote gamers a very nice... see more
  • XDefiant - il nuovo sparatutto free-to-play di Ubisoft
    Ciao ragazzi, ieri 21 Maggio è stato ufficialmente rilasciato XDefiant, il nuovo sparatutto free-to-play di Ubisoft. Ovviamente è l'ennesimo FPS gratuito e quindi con una nutrita concorrenza. Comunque sia ho visto in questi mesi dei video gameplay e sembra avere del potenziale per chi preferisce... see more
  • Today is I Need A Patch For That Day!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A small bit of trivia for you: the 21st of May is I Need A Patch For That Day. A day for applying patches, both literally and figuratively. A way to commemorate this is to make sure that all of your electronic devices have the latest patches for their software. Or not, if... see more
  • A bit of Star Wars news!
    Hello Legion Gamers! The 19th of May was the anniversary of Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace movie. It's been 25 years! Yikes! Makes me feel old, I remember watching it in the theatre as a kid... To commemorate, a trailer was made for the movie in glorious 4K with subtitles. Who is up... see more
  • Warhammer fans, save the date: 23rd of May!
    @TrendaTen Earlier this month @ChristianRasmussen kindly shared some technique videos on how to paint figures in @ramax wallpaper thread. Even though your lesson time ran out, maybe checking them out could help if you want to spend more time on this? Do you have a Games Workshop store where you... see more
  • [Juego ofrecido] Endless Legend disponible gratis en STEAM
    @ramax Siiii, le tengo el ojo echado desde hace meses, pero al ser tipo souls, lo mismo es muy complicado para mí y me frustro 😱 see more
  • Zagrajmy w skojarzenia!
    wymiar -> zakres see more
  • Fecha de lanzamiento GTA VI
    @ramax ¡Cierto! El otro día pensaba en Bethesda precisamente, y que tiene un estilo bastante reconocible, especialmente en la fisonomía de sus personajes...pero, ¿no crees que se ha quedado un poco anticuado en comparación con Unreal 5? see more
  • Zagrajmy w skojarzenia!
    Głębokość -> wymiar see more
  • Warhammer fans, save the date: 23rd of May!
    ​​​​​​​As for the omega, I agree, but painting it by hand at this scale is beyond my capabilities. Look that the edge of the epaulette is crookedly painted. The seal as well as a few other details were not finished because the lesson time ran out. see more
  • [FALLOUT 76]: Vacaciones en Distopia
    @ChristoffV ¿Cómo vas con eso? ¿Ya te pasaste la historia principal? ¿Estás haciendo la nueva temporada? see more
  • ¿Quién de aquí juega en VR? (Meta Quest, Steam VR, Pico, PS VR2, HTC Vive, ...)
    @Blackgem Totalmente deacuerdo con los controles hápticos: para crear verdadera inmmersión, y sacarle provecho al VR, deberíamos poder jugar con el cuerpo completo, o al menos, con los brazos. De todas formas, sigo pensando que los dispositivos actuales son demasiado pesados y destrozan la... see more
  • GIOCHIAMO A: "E la prossima parola é..."
    @GLaDOS Sensibilità ==> Impressionarsi see more
  • Today is I Need A Patch For That Day!
    @skydsgaard The wonders of patches! I wonder if Ghost of Tsushima will be getting any? It was polished during its console time, so I guess the only problems that could happen there would have to do with porting issues... see more
  • Warhammer fans, save the date: 23rd of May!
    Ah, I stand corrected, you are right! Missed that bit. Though I do not remember there being quite that big of discounts last time. I guess we'll see tomorrow... Thank you for pointing that out! see more
  • Warhammer fans, save the date: 23rd of May!
    @TrendaTen It does look nice. The only thing is that it needs a white omega symbol on the shoulders, usually ultramarines have that. Those shoulders have no precast sign for some reason, I guess you could draw it on, but it is harder to do. And the seal with parchment on the shoulder is usually... see more
  • Zagrajmy w skojarzenia!
    łódź podwodna -> głębokość see more