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  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - March 2024
    Hello Legion Gamers! It's the 15th of April, time for the fashionably late Medalboard! 😎Every month we have a medal board where members collect points by engaging in the community. (Check the bottom of the thread for more details)! Remember, the more you engage in the community, the more... see more
  • Alimentatore usb c per notebook lenovo
    Ciao a tutti, volevo chiedervi se poteva consigliarmi in alimentatore universale usb c per il mio notebook lenovo da gamingi queste sono le caratteristiche del portatile: oltre il suo alimentatore, è possibile alimentarlo con uno usb c universale? ... see more
  • مشكلة جرافيكس؟
    دلوقتي امبارح انا وصاحبتي نزلنا لعبة Spiritfarer هي نزلتها من على ستيم وانا من على اكس بوكس جيم باس. قاعدين بنلعب جمب بعض لقيت ان الجرافيكس عندها سموز smooth اكتر من عندي بشكل ملحوظ مع ان السيتينجز واحدة وكارت الشاشة عندي اعلى اصلا؟؟ مع العلم احنا الاتنين معانا ليجون 5 برو ده الجهاز بتاعي... see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    Hello Legion Gamers! It seems as if April just started, and we're already in the middle of it. Time sure does fly... Last week, we touched on the ways to reduce or repurpose waste, thank you to everyone who joined in for the advice and ideas. I set out to try some of them, but then the... see more
  • حد جرب Spiritfarer؟
    امبارح شفت فيديو بيتكلم عن اللعبة دي وشدتني جدا..يمكن عشان بحب اللعب الهادية اخر اليوم او بعد يوم شغل طويل ​​​​​​​ المهم يعني سمعت ان اللعبة هتخليني ا🤣 حد جربها قبل كدة؟ انا فتحت ستيم دلوقتي لقيت نازل عليها خصم جامد وهيخلص كمان 4 ساعات see more
  • ¿Qué es SolarPunk? Y ejemplos de videojuegos 🌞
    Querida comunidad ✍ ¿Sentís apatía y desencanto cuando pensáis en el futuro? ¿Os levantáis cada mañana convencid@s de que el fin está cerca? ¿Habéis perdido la fe en la humanidad? (si es que alguna vez la habíais tenido…). Si habéis respondido que sí a más de una de estas preguntas, puede... see more
  • Fallout TV Series
    Hello everyone, as you might have seen there is a new TV series on Prime Video that is based on a videogame and that is Fallout! I've seen the reviews and it sounds very promising, as it is very close to the actual game! Have you watched it already? Any feedback about it? Here is the... see more
  • Alimentatore usb c per notebook lenovo
    si ma il discorso era piu' generale, nel caso mi si rompe nel tempo il suo alimentatore, è quello di avere uno universale di scorta dovrei comunque provare see more
  • Gramy Razem - Kalendarz #GameTogether
    @Koz72 póki co nie ma nic takiego na horyzoncie, ale kto wie, być może coś zaplanujemy, dzięki za sugestię 😊 see more
  • Gramy Razem - Kalendarz #GameTogether
    @varux @Gotek zakładam, że chodziło Wam o turniej Fortnite, dobiegł już końca, ale na pewno jeszcze powróci 😊 see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    The game has really good reviews too, I think it's something I should pick up one day. Playing something smaller once in a while can be surprisingly refreshing. see more
  • Competizione medagliere italiano
    Io questa me la rivendo da anni, e mi rappresenta in toto. Di mangiare non me ne dimentico, infatti non sono propriamente un fuscello ahahhahahaha Ma mangiare al PC MAI. le dita devono rimanete pulitissime per toccare i miei dispositivi 😂 Cmq la faccia che fa nell'ultima vignetta mi fa... see more
  • Big promotions at Frontier on STEAM: Jurasic World Evolution 2 75% off, Planet Zoo, Straded, Warhammer ...
    @ramax with Jurrasic World, I think it may come down to how you like that franchise and dinosaurs in general. If so, I think @UnapologeticDino may enjoy those games. I will stick to SpaceMarines, the Emperor and good ol Grandpa Nurgle 😅 see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - March 2024
    @DoctorEldritch Hm, I eat ginger in food quite often, but I haven't noticed any effect. Most of stuff that supposedly helps with migraine doesn't do anything in my case, though. It's been pretty much confirmed that muscle tension is causing the migraines, but the doctors are still reluctant to... see more
  • Przywitaj się i przedstaw 👋
    @Rrrrock i mam nadzieję, Panie też 😁 witamy! 🙂 see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    @Saka Ah, yes! The one about a fox with little fox cubs, I remember that! The developers of that game even gave the interview to our very own @CandelaSynth from the Spanish community back then, though you can read it in English too. Thank you for remembering it! And this game has a refreshing... see more