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  • The Last Of Us - HBO Max
    ¡Acabo de ver el trailer y ya estoy impaciente porque la estrenen! ​​​​​​​¿Qué os parece? Apunta maneras, eso sí, a ver si no nos dejan a medias 🙄 see more
  • Red/Green/Blue
    What type of a PC user are you ? Do you prefer being a fan boy to a certain hardware technology provider like: Intel, Nvidia or AMD or Do you prefer to choose what suits you better and gives you best Price/Performance value. see more
  • Lenovo Legion 7 15IMH05 - problem z paskiem podświetlenia RGB
    Cześć, Posiadam od jakiegoś czasu Lenovo Legion 7 15IMH05. Od kilku tygodni pasek podświetlenia RBG nie świeci w całości, mianowicie z boku obudowy podświetlenie jest wyraźne ale przednia cześć praktycznie nie jest widoczna. Nie żeby mi zależało na kolorach jakichś ale kiedy pracuję wieczorami... see more
  • ¿Cuál es la mejor arma que has utilizado en un juego?
    ​​​​​​​Algunos juegos son memorables porque tienen una excelente historia, otros, porque cuentan con personajes entrañables con los que nos identificamos o admiramos. Pero hay juegos que se quedan grabados en nuestra memoria, porque cuentan con armas épicas, de esas que nos vuelven uno más del... see more
  • my screen is not as i expected
    hello, i hope you all having a nice day.​​​​​​​ i have several questions i hope you can help with them my laptop screen white color is not so bright as my phone (my phone screen is regular ips screeen) i dont know if it's okay or not. i have some backlight bleed an ips glow that make orang/red... see more
  • Hi to all Legion community
    Hi my name is Andre, well im from Uruguay and i love to play all kind of games, but my favorite is forza and state of decay 2, my friend tollme about this forum so i came here to amke new friends and so play with you ppl! thanks in advance for your grate community and see you in the game! see more
  • Frostmourne - Joyería
    "Disclaimer: Tras el visionado del siguiente video puede usted crearse la irrefrenable necesidad de adquirir ésta obra de arte. Posible caída en una espiral de compra compulsiva" ​​​​​ ¡Por Frostmourne! see more
  • wsp legion community
    id like to have the gamepass so i can try out some new games and i may buy them in the future see more
  • GP DE SINGAPUR 2022 - Circuito Urbano Marina Bay
    Vuelve la F1, aquí te dejo los horarios de éste fin de semana Libres 1 viernes 12:00 CEST Libres 2 viernes 15:00 CEST see more
  • Saints Row on 23\8\2022
    A lot of hate arose from the fans of the game and from gamers in general ... I liked to hang out in the third part, but it was not some kind of special game at that time. So this part of the game is not much different from it in meaning and status. On the contrary, it got even worse as far as I... see more
  • Game Theme
    I`m pretty sure noboby know this game, but I really like music from Blockstory. That`s something like minecraft with lots of mobes. Poor graphics, plot and generally bad gameplay, but heroic music was good see more
  • Free Games 🤑
    JokerZida do you know when gta5 would be free to download? see more
  • Anime Anime Anime
    Reincarnated as a Sword - Official Trailer | AniTV BY AniTV YouTube Channel Gli isekai possono essere molto piacevoli e divertenti ma e' bello ricordarsi dei maestri del fantasy: L'eterno campione di Michael Moorcock, parte 1: Entra nel multiverso BY the library ladder YouTube Channel see more
  • Mario Mario Mario e altre serie
    Il trailer di Phantasm 2: PEGI 2022+1! Phantasm 2 Official Trailer #1 - James LeGros Movie (1988) HD BY Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers YouTube Channel see more
  • Il giorno dopo: LATTE:S.A. e' finita!
    Ciao! Il video Twitch di oggi mostra i progressi della Legion Community Tower: see more