• ¿Probamos el Rumbleverse con amigos?
    Si realmente lo que acabo de ver es un gallo clavándole un buzón a alguien en la cabeza creo que está lo suficientemente loco como para que lo probemos. Puede ser divertido :) see more
  • Hello my name is Saad Khan
    Hi, I am studying computer engineering I love playing games in my freetime I love messing around in games and playing them the way theu weren't exactly supposed to be played in :p I have a legion 5 pro which is a beautiful gaming laptop and for university But unfortunately it's motherboard... see more
  • #GameTogether en español, 17 de agosto
    CB84 Viendo el primer post en el que dice que ha podido encontrar un huequito para nosotros ese día si no está grabada en piedra lo estará en cartón piedra. Lo que diga nuestra CM, yo me puedo adaptar por que estoy de vacaciones. Eso sí, cuantos más mejor. see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    LEGION 7 - - - Updated - - - Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 7 إصدار الدهون معi9-12900HX 32 جيجابايت رام DDR5 GeForceRTX 3080TI 16 جيجابايت GDDR6 أفضل تبريد على الإطلاق SSD RGB see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    Im NadeemSameh I Love Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 7 Fat Version i9-12900HX 32GB Ram DDR5 RTX 3080TI 16GB GDDR6 SSD RGB HIGH REFRESH RATE صاحب ال165 هرتز وال240 هرتز وخصوصا ال240 هرتز I Love 165Hz Or 240Hz Especially 240Hz احبه لكل هذه الأسباب انا لا امتلك لابتوب ولكن اسال الله العظيم ان افوز به وانا... see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    LEGION SLIM 7اكثر من LEGION 7 انا افضل _________________________________________ لعدة أسباب ________________________________________ legion slim 7 للأسف لا توجد فيRGBأولا =اضائات _____________________________________ legion slim 7 ثانيا =كارت الشاشة رغم انا جهاز به كارت شاشة قوي لكن... see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - July 2022
    GoLLuM13 but you need to remember he joined in the middle of month when you got free time - - - Updated - - - + QueenTomato can i ask how country point count? Qatar 1 player and they have 1.6k point see more
  • Hello
    hi iam hunterxhunter fan also welcome to the community bro ☺ ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Legion Medal Board - تموز 2022
    مبروك لجميع فائزين see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - July 2022
    @LockOut You do realize that I make 0 effort and I don't even "play" to be on the top, while he said he worked hard to be there 🤣 I'm just chilling on the forums, discussing with people and helping them when I can, that's the most important part 😉 I thought I already said it on MEA (English)... see more
    GoLLuM13 ​​​​​​​Your new addiction see more
  • هيا نلعب Fall Guys معًا يوم الثلاثاء 9 أغسطس!
    bounia ان كان لديك PlayStation او اي جهاز يدعمها فلا تقلق يمكنك مشاركتنا من جهاز مختلف see more
  • اربح لابتوب من Lenovo مع احمد النشيط ( مسابقة بسيطة )
    قدرة من عالم اللعاب يمكن ulti kha'zix بحيث يجيه اختفاء وسرعة حركة اثنين ب1 حسابي في الانستجرام : @iockout see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    @QueenTomato I Love Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 7 Fat Version With i9-12900HX 32GB Ram DDR5 GeForceRTX 3080TI 16GB GDDR6 Best Cooling Ever SSD RGB High Refresh Rate see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    LEGION 7 high resolution and very good graphique card ❤️🔥 see more
  • 🥇 Legion Medal Board - July 2022
    Liue Are you happy now😂🧡 you said will not follow us but you did + finland jump from 9 to 7 more than what you wished lol congrats - - - Updated - - - and congrats for our boy JokerZida and for who was taking the crown all the time GoLLuM13 we found your counter LOL see more
  • #GameTogether - Minecraft (Wed 10 Aug)
    gohan we have game pass for 3 months if you live in the countries in MEA support game pass go ask for me😉 see more
  • Join our GameTogether! 📅
    Ihmitou you are welcome feel free to join us https://discord.gg/X6wb4MV8 all game nights bee on discord so you need join us first 😉🧡 see more
  • Question
    Judy120 which winner? friday event or laptop? see more
  • مشاركه في المسابقه
    اي وحدة في 2 see more