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  • e poi cosa gioco?
    @Lascax lo ho visto, non mi fa impazzire graficamente, ma ho letto che sia tosto! comunque a me mancano tutti quelli storici, partiro da bloodborne o sekiro I guess! see more
  • e poi cosa gioco?
    @GLaDOS ci guardo subitissimo!! see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DoctorEldritch There are so many different kinds and not all are roasted. Raw, unroasted coffee beans offer many health benefits in addition to the ones provided by roasted coffee and have more caffeine. One example is Green Coffee. It has a grassy woody flavour to it and is not one of my... see more
  • Mały urlop 🌞
    @DoctorEldritch O! A co wykładasz? see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Vanille --> Glace see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DracoTarot What other kind is there, I thought you always had to roast it, if it is based on beans? The instant one is not roasted. But then again, one could say instant one is not "coffee" either 😅 see more
  • Mały urlop 🌞
    Oto ciekawostka: w prawdziwym życiu też jestem Doktorem. Nie medycznym, ale akademickim. 😉 see more
  • Najbardziej niezwykła kultura, jaką poznaliście
    ​​​​​​​ Hej wszystkim! W ramach naszego "kulturalnego" miesiąca ciekawie byłoby porozmawiać o tym, jakie nieznane wcześniej kultury udało Wam się poznać, czy to podczas podróży, czy też napotkania ich przedstawicieli, podróżujących po naszym kraju 🙂 Jeśli o mnie chodzi, udało mi się... see more
  • Conscript - co sądzicie o grze?
    @Sinber Wydaje mi się, że mechanika rozgrywki jest podobna. Otoczenie jest jednak inne, Darkwood to bardziej wiejski horror ludowy, podczas gdy Conscript opiera się na okropnościach wojny. see more
  • 1️⃣0️⃣2️⃣حقائق غريبة
    أذتي الشمال بيكون فيها صوت زن مستمر في فصل الشتاء بس. see more
  • 1️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ Weird Facts
    My Costae fluctuantes also known as floating ribs on the left side of my body are shorter than the right. I'm much more flexible on my left side and able to touch my toes without breaking a sweat. On my right side not so much. Another weird thing is everyone I know has no issues or allergic... see more
  • لعبة عالم مفتوح جديدة!
    لأ Open Beta on July 18 - 23. وال global release يوم 17 شهر سبتمبر. see more
  • Cadena de REFRANES
    Dejo hoy tres similares en fondo - De casta le viene al galgo - De tal palo, tal astilla ​​​​​​​- Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres see more
  • What sport do you think is missing at the olympics?
    @Sarkhan I would like to see Pro Long Drive events at the Olympics. It would be fun to know who would be the best long-distance golf ball driver in the world. see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DoctorEldritch Mostly for taste. My favourite is the roasted kind. see more
  • 1️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ Weird Facts
    If I talk more than 5 mins, my throat gets very itchy and if I didn't hydrate soon after, I get serious sore throat. ​​​​​​​I checked it multiple times with multiple doctors, it's just bad luck with my health 😅 - - - Updated - - - @NayNay ​​​​​​​That's really beautiful, and I totally... see more
  • Masz Dosć Ludzi?
    @Sinber 😁 Więcej o swoich ulubionych grach możesz napisać tutaj ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Masz Dosć Ludzi?
    @TrendaTen Idealnie ubrane w słowa :) see more