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  • Zagrajmy w skojarzenia!
    Skrętka -> internet see more
  • Throne and Liberty [Beta]
    Bonjour tout le monde ! Le Beta du jeu ouvre ses portes le 18 juillet à 19h ! Vous pouvez déjà le télécharger sur Steam À PROPOS DE CE JEU Bienvenue dans THRONE AND LIBERTY, un MMORPG gratuit prenant place dans l'immense monde de Solisium. Découvrez un monde passionnant et rempli de... see more
  • 16/07/24: #GameTogether ESPAÑOLA
    La lana es la lana XD. Leyes sobre explotacion laboral, me dijeron que habian firmado el contrato previamente con otra persona, en fin... see more
  • ¿El videojuego cooperativo perfecto?
    ¡¡¡Wuaauuu!!! El videojuego cooperativo DE - FI - NI - TI - VO Alex White sería mas así 😆 see more
  • July 2024 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 seems Flintlock was not well met. Not a bad game, critics say, but it got a 67 score on Metacritic on average. Not too good... They say some mechanics feel out of place and while world-building is decent, character depth is not, among other things. Then again, I think Horizon Zero Dawn... see more
  • [Série] La Machine à remonter le temps ! 15 Juillet
    1799 La pierre de Rosette est découverte dans le village égyptien de Rosette qui a permis à Champollion de déchiffrer les hiéroglyphes ! 1988 "Die Hard" réalisé par John McTiernan avec Bruce Willis et Alan Rickman sort aux États-Unis : Magnifique yippee ki yay ! 2006 Twitter est lancé,... see more
  • Check out Beetlejuice 2 trailer
    @DracoTarot by the way, again not connected to Beetlejuice, but I just saw this yesterday and thought that I should tell you: do you know about this? It's from Korea. see more
  • [Série] La Machine à remonter le temps ! 14 Juillet
    2008 "The Dark Knight" réalisé par Christopher Nolan, avec Christian Bale et Heath Ledger, première à New Yorkde mon point de vue le meilleur Film Batman ! Sinon beaucoup sur la France, de la bastille à la Marseillaise 🇫🇷 see more
  • Prime Gaming - Chivalry 2, Tomb Raider y Suicide Squad - GRATIS
    @ChristoffV 😂 Siempre nos quedará Julio, amigo de los ojos claros...aunque ahora que lo pienso, ¿tuve que validad cada meme de Julio? Ahí me gané el sueldo XD No conocía a Rodrigo Cortes, le echaré un ojal 🤓 Y si, es lo que pasa cuando cualquier nicho se convierte potencialmente en una... see more
  • TV news potpourri, part 2!
    @DracoTarot then you may want to keep an eye on that upcoming anime, that's an interesting experiment, I think. see more
  • News for Fallout 2 fans!
    @DracoTarot hard to say with mods. But it is easier with them to a degree, often they are either in pen access or modders are not against some help (not always, though). If you have skills that could help, it may be possible to help speed the process along. And it worked very well for some people. see more
  • Piranha Bytes is gone, but Gothic is not forgotten
    @DracoTarot One of the staples of classics is that they are made for the ages 😉 see more
  • Check out a couple of animes!
    Oh, and there is actually another anime that is airing right now, too. I did not include it with the other two because it is already out and not in the future, but still. It's Suicide Squad ISEKAI: It crept up on me, I did not catch when it started. And it's one mashup I did not expect. But... see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Sport--> Natation see more
  • Prime Gaming - Chivalry 2, Tomb Raider y Suicide Squad - GRATIS
    @CandelaSynth la IA restringe mi libertad de expresión... y lo sabes. Películas como Nobody, Argylle, IF, The Fall guy. Pelis que rompen un poco el estereotipo de super heroes o la monotonía. Si tienen la oportunidad de escuchar una entrevista o leer alguna crítica de Rodrigo Cortes, les puede... see more
  • [Jeu] Le mot qui suit l'autre
    Saison => Sport see more
  • News for Fallout 2 fans!
    @DoctorEldritch Nice! I also hope there will not be any delays and we have to wait for 5 years for the release like other games. see more
  • TV news potpourri, part 2!
    @DoctorEldritch Rick and Morty is one of my faves. Sometimes the cartoon it's a bit obscene but I like the weird and quirky stuff. see more