• Tea
    DoctorEldritch to me, it looks like a cappuccino without the froth aka coffee with milk 🤣 see more
  • Hogwarts Legacy :immersive, open-world action RPG
    gohan Second part is probable, but several parts in sequence are not usually included in GOTY, I think. I meant to say, I like to wait for all DLCs and extra content to be out before playing the game, so it would have everything from the start. For example, I only played Witcher 3 after they... see more
  • apple
    Thank you now I understand better what Dual Audio is. And you know me, I'm totally with these kinds of accessibility options. I might not need this option now, but there are people who need them, and maybe one day I will too, who knows ? Everything's possible. And unfortunately there will always... see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    That's quite a leap from "diligent and loyal" to "cunning and scheming" 😅 see more
  • #GameTogether - ¡Among Us, 15 de febrero!
    ¡Ese modo de juego otra vez! He leído algo sobre galletas... 🙄👉👈 see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Gillander Oh, that's too bad. Hopefully you can get it early tomorrow! I will perhaps get it late this month or maybe next month, right now I am about to leave for a week, so not much time to play. 😅 see more
  • Tea
    DoctorEldritch Ohh. Yes, something like that I would drink too. In case of the boba tea I spoke of, typically the base tea infusion is very strong as well, so milk breaks the flavour gently. But e.g. Yorkshire tea... when prepared according to the instructions, it doesn't taste much with milk... see more
  • What is the best Song about Friendship and Romance?
    Gillander I want to expand my game repertoire into more diverse series. I am currently tackling the Yakuza series, but that one is more mature, and then I want to look into Final Fantasy as well, I never played any of those games either. Though it is so massive and with all those remakes in the... see more
  • [Juego] Sí o No
    ¡Sí! ¿Tienes mascotas? see more
  • Gry do grania z przyjaciółmi
    W ramach odskoczni od tematu intelowskich mistrzostw, jako że luty jest miesiącem romansów i przyjaźni, proponuję dyskusję o grach, w które można pograć w towarzyskim gronie. Znowu nie udało się umówić kolegów na planszówki? Może gdy odkryją, że nie muszą ruszyć tylnych części sprzed... see more
  • Czy nawiązaliście przyjaźnie w grach?
    Saka A w jakiej grze męża poznałaś? Ja tam lubiłem fabułę Guild Wars :D Pokonanie Abadona, przejście tych wszystkich DLC :D Mega dobrze wspominam gierkę, W Guild wars 2 nie grałem nigdy gdyż w tamtym czacie zniechęcił mnie brak języka Polskiego, a w Jedynce był. Może kiedyś zagram, chociaż... see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    DoctorEldritch I think so! Or maybe check out the slytherin 😁 Saka I actually thought today was already the 10.2 !! And i went to the store asking for the game with my husband, sadly i did check the date wrong and i need to go there again tomorrow xD see more
  • Tea
    Saka That's exactly it 😁 I remember one day I was in the desert on a drilling site for work, people are very hospitable there and served us peanuts and tea but without sugar (like they're used to drinking it), for the first sip I made a small face because it was a bit strong, but I got used to the... see more
  • Tea
    Here is how it looks: May look like your typical British "tea with milk", but it is actually in a class of its own. see more
  • What is the best Song about Friendship and Romance?
    DoctorEldritch yeah totally you should try! At the times i got to know these games long time ago, I really liked it was involved within the disney theme (tho i was 10 years old that time the first game was released, so might be something within the age). 😀 see more
  • Tea
    Saka Not my typical tea drinking habit, but your discussion with GoLLuM13 reminded me of something. I quite agree with George Mikes and, unlike our LilySensei, I think that adding milk to tea is an abomination. That being said, at one point in my life I was living and working in Myanmar. And there,... see more
  • Así de increíbles podrían verse los gráficos de The Witcher 4 en Unreal Engine 5
    LilySensei Eso esta bien yo apenas he jugado 5 minutos desde que salio la actualización. Pero también le tengo ganas.😁 see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Let us know about your experience with the game once you get to play it a bit! see more
  • Love and friendship in comics
    Saka Fair enough. Personally, I always felt their depictions need more feathers, I am for scientific accuracy. But giant lizards are cool too. see more
  • Which Hogwarts Legacy common room is best?
    Gillander Have fun! Will you join the Hufflepuff house then to chill in their cozy room? see more