• World Cup 2022 Knock-out Stages
    Round of 16: 1. Netherlands - United States 2. Argentina - Australia 3. England - Senegal 4. France - Poland 5. Spain - Morocco 6. Brazil - South Korea 7. Croatia - Japan 8. Portugal - Switzerland see more
  • ¡Navidad 2022 en la comunidad!!! 🎅🎁🎄
    @LilySensei me encantaría participar en el evento que realizaran y ganarme algún premio. Me gusta mucho esta época del año porque disfruto mucho junto con mi familia, pero para mi mala suerte cumplo años 4 días antes de Navidad y casi nadie me viene a ver porque todos están ocupados ... see more
  • #GameTogether - Among Us, Diciembre 7
    LilySensei voy a ver si participo. see more
  • 🟢2️⃣2️⃣ - Picture Game, Pictures Only!
    Wooooo some cool prizes out there😲 see more
  • FIFA World Cup 2022: The Round of 16
    @GoLLuM13 of course Qatar will win, right? or maybe Cameroon. my calculation if correct from left side Brazil vs Korea = BrazilCroatia vs Japan= Croatia Brazil vs Croatia = Brazil Argentine vs AUS = ARG NED vs US = NED ... see more
  • Super Mario Bros Le Film
    Ils ont un paquet de licences en même temps 😜 Bonne nuit ☃️ see more
  • Newbie
    Hello guys I'm a newbie to the community I'd like to introduce myself to the ones here I'm Ahmed Saeed From Egypt Currently studying commerce in college see more
  • Super Mario Bros Le Film
    Ah bon bah je savais même pas, j'ai regarder le vrai film 1 et 2 le reste je sais pas 😂 après oui j'avais vu mandalorian et Andor récemment ce qui est tout aussi bien. Après oui en ce moment Disney plus y a pas mal de truc. Bref sur ceux bonne nuit ☃️ see more
  • Super Mario Bros Le Film
    Alpha75 Olaf, c'est le meilleur 🤣 j'attends le 3 qui devrait sortir en ... 2024 👀 see more
  • Super Mario Bros Le Film
    On ne vois que cela et cela malgré que le film va avoir dans les 10 ans non ? Décidément sacre film. Après oui on a tous envie de neige puis Olaf c'est comique. see more
  • [Concours] Le meme du cœur
    Roh et bah en tout cas oui je le pense aussi vu l'activité de cette personne sur le forum. see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    DoctorEldritch The thing is there is different hardstyle that fit different people, some with sad lyrics, some with uplifting lyrics and even some without but it differs from person to person. The thing is that there are many hardstyle remixes of already mainstream popular songs so if you want to... see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    If memory serves, witchers drank lots of booze during winter in Kaer Morhen. But to each his own. see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    MadCysero Interesting, we actually had a similar discussion about metal before in the previous music thread with Saka. Do you have any YT examples of hardstyle? see more
  • Hi everyone
    Board and card games hit different, especially if they're played in person as it makes time flies and creates unforgettable moments! see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    This is just a personal choice but I do rely on the hardstyle genre of music for the majority of december and the winter in general. Main reason being is that, as we know, the nordic countries tend to have little to no sun during the winter period which can lead to seasonal depression in alot of... see more