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  • Światowy Dzień Ziemi 🌍
    Hej wszystkim! Dziś obchodzimy Światowy Dzień Ziemi - podczas tego dnia nie tylko staramy się, jak zresztą i codziennie, zrobić coś dobrego dla naszego środowiska, ale także spędzić ten dzień w naturze, podziwiać przyrodę i się nią cieszyć 😊 U mnie dziś niestety deszczowa pogoda, także... see more
  • La journée de la terre !
    Salut, Aujourd'hui le 22 avril est un jour spéciale ! Nous fêtons journée de notre belle planète bleue ! 😁 Le Jour de la Terre fut célébré pour la première fois le 22 avril 1970. Aujourd’hui, plus d’un milliard de personnes dans 193 pays passent à l’action chaque année dans le cadre du... see more
  • Earth Day!
    Ciao a tutti, come sapete oggi è l'Earth Day, ovvero la giornata in cui si pone una maggiore attenzione alla protezione dell'ambiente. Premetto subito che sono dell'idea che ogni giorno dovrebbe essere un Earth Day nella nostra mente, ogni giorno come "cittadini del pianeta Terra" è nel nostro... see more
  • Star Wars Jedi : Survivor [Game Pass]
    Bonjour tout le monde ! Le jeu Star Wars Jedi : Survivor arrive sur le Game pass le 25 avril via EA acces, moi qui ne l'ai pas encore fait ça sera une bonne occasion pour les tester, j'avais trouvé le premier agréable. see more
  • Try the Akatori demo!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A bit of good news for metroidivania fans! Code Wakers is working on a new metroidivania called Akatori. And while they are working on it, last Friday they released Chapter One of the game which will also serve as a demo to give fans a taste of what's to come: And as a... see more
  • Earth Day!
    Hello everyone and Happy Earth Day! As you know today we should put an extra focus on the protection of the environment, however, I believe every day should be an Earth Day in our mind, putting ourselves in the mindset that even our small daily contribution can make a difference to helping the... see more
  • Embracer Group is t split into 3 companies!
    Hello Legion Gamers! A bit of gaming industry news! Swedish gaming group Embracer to split into three companies. You may remember this group from a couple of news posts we had this year: they were the ones who cancelled the next Deus Ex game and downsized by 8% of its employees (that's around... see more
  • hi legion
    Hello Legion community My name is Ahmed Khaled from Egypt, I am 20 years old I heard about this community from your Instagram page, Lenovo Me I wanted to join the events and interact in what I love most in my life, which is gaming My favorite game is The Witcher 3 see more
  • STEAM: Editor di promozioni, e questa volta MICROSOFT ci offre il 90%, il 75% e il 50%
    Grande promozione su STEAM da parte di MICROSOFT su gran parte del catalogo: FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI e anche giochi recenti come GROUNDED. Clicca qui: see more
  • STEAM: Edytor promocji, a tym razem MICROSOFT oferuje nam 90%, 75% i 50%
    Wielka promocja na STEAM od MICROSOFT na dużą część katalogu: FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI, a nawet najnowsze gry takie jak GROUNDED. Kliknij tutaj: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • STEAM: Editor de promociones, y esta vez MICROSOFT nos ofrece 90%, 75% y 50%
    Gran promoción en STEAM de MICROSOFT sobre gran parte del catálogo: FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI e incluso juegos recientes como GROUNDED. Pincha aquí: see more
  • [GP, coop2] Orcs Must Die! 3
    "Corta, quema, lanza, electrocuta, pulveriza y apalea hordas enormes de repugnantes orcos en este esperado sucesor de la galardonada serie Orcs Must Die!." Tercera entrega de un juego que para mi me ha dado muy momentos muy divertidos, prácticamente de los tower defense donde tienes además... see more
  • STEAM: Editor of promotions, and this time MICROSOFT is offering us 90%, 75% and 50%.
    Big promotion on STEAM from MICROSOFT on a big part of the catalogue: FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI and even recent games such as GROUNDED. Click here: see more
  • STEAM : Promo editeur, et cette fois c'est MICROSOFT qui nous offres des 90%, 75% et des 50%
    Grosse promotion sur STEAM de la part de MICROSOFT sur une grosse partie du catalogue : FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI et même des jeux récent comme GROUNDED ça se passe ici : see more
  • Touch the grass on Earth Day!
    Hello Legion Gamers! Today is the 22nd of April 22, which means that the Earth Day is here! 🌲 Earth Day was first celebrated on the 22nd of April 1970 after the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. Later, it became international and now more than a billion people in 193 countries take action... see more
  • STEAM: Editor of promotions, and this time MICROSOFT is offering us 90%, 75% and 50%.
    Big promotion on STEAM from MICROSOFT on a big part of the catalogue: FORZA, AGE OF EMPIRE, ORI and even recent games such as GROUNDED. Click here:​​​​​​​ see more
  • Światowy Dzień Ziemi 🌍
    @TrendaTen Mam nadzieję, że w tym roku wasz domek dla ptaków znajdzie swoich lokatorów 🙂 Może w ramach wiosennych porządków trzeba jeszcze raz pomalować chatkę. see more
  • Zagrajmy w skojarzenia!
    szala -> odważnik see more
  • GIOCHIAMO A: "E la prossima parola é..."
    Formaggio -> Topolino see more
  • Światowy Dzień Ziemi 🌍
    Tak świętują niektórzy :/ ​​​​​​​ see more