• Problème écran noir
    SUPERABEILLE au top 😁 La résolution dynamique : ça veut que pendant que tu joues la résolution change, si la PS5 doit afficher une scène pas trop compliquée (pas trop d'effets, explosions, persos à afficher) elle peut aller jusqu'en 2160p et de là faire un downscale, si au contraire la scène est... see more
  • Problème écran noir
    @SUPERABEILLE déjà content que tu ai résolu ton problème et que tu affiche ta solution, ça pourra aider d'autre personnes 👍 Ça dépend des versions ton DP 1.2 à un débit de 17,28 Gbps est ton HDMI 2.0 est à 18Gbps alors que la play à un HDMI 2.1 pouvant aller à 48 Gbps. Donc en gros pour toi DP... see more
  • World Cup Smart Ball ⚽
    M2lobaz I've been to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh with my family more than 10 years ago so I was quite young! I really liked Sharm El Sheikh, I can remember parasailing and the beach was amazing! Cairo wasn't as beautiful but I got to see the pyramids and the camels which was so nice! I want to... see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    A good place to start is the Introduction thread where you can introduce yourself and say hello to everyone! And there will be festive discussions all throughout December, we already started with a topic about favourite December music, with more to come! see more
  • World Cup Smart Ball ⚽
    QueenTomato You visited Egypt before? Where have you been, How was your experience? - - - Updated - - - JokerZida Sure man, if this world cup version had anything to offer or prove it's that Arab Culture is great. see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    Hello Legion Gamers! Last month, we had a very nice topic about cheer-up tunes for the gloomy November. Now December is here, and it is a very merry month, so no reason to stop with the tunes! And even more so because there are so many wonderful songs about this time of the year! So what are... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    ZaidH My biggest critique of the plot would be that how did Omi Alliance manage to make its Chairman a man with such a warped view of what it means to be a yakuza? The whole selection process for the Chairman role is meant to weed out that sort of thing, something is flawed. But I can accept it as... see more
  • WoW - ulubiona rasa i klasa?
    Hej wszystkim! Zapewne wielu z Was spędza większość ostatnich kilku dni w malowniczych zakątkach WoW Dragonflight 🐉 Jeśli znajdziecie moment na oderwanie się od odkrywania nowych terenów, walczenia z nowymi przeciwnikami i wykonywania nowych intrygujących questów, chciałabym poznać Waszą... see more
  • December Winter Festivities in Legion Community!
    Hello Legion Gamers! The weather is getting colder (again!), in some places it even started to snow, and colourful lights and decorations are popping up here and there. That can only mean one thing… December is upon us! ❄ Here in the community, during the whole month of December, I’d like... see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    DracoTarot - OMG!!! I am in love with our cat deck. It is sooooo beautiful. I also liked the Hermetic one. I would love to see more pics of your decks if you have them/want to share them. Also, I would love to have a reading sometime, if you are available. After some terrible years we all had... see more
  • Share with us pictures from your favorite game 💖
    Oh wow that's awesome! Looking forward to seeing the changes you make! 😍 see more
  • شاركنا بصور من لعبتك المفضلة 💖
    JokerZida رائع! في انتظار رؤية التغييرات التي تجريها على مدينتك قريبًا! see more
  • Game Pass Xbox
    Anunciados los juegos que se esperan que entre en diciembre en esta plataforma: Eastward (Consola, PC, Nube) – 1 de diciembre The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Consola, PC, Nube) – 1 de diciembre Totally... see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    j7schultz Unfortunately there are practitioners who would take a darker path. It's a lightworker's obligation to stop those who do. One rule is to pay attention. The universe doesn't have any limits on how it will speak to you. It could be through good or evil. It all depends on what you do with... see more
  • Nividia Geforce now
    Hoy como cada jueves de semana entra una nueva tanda de juegos en el servicio de Nividia Geforce Now. En total 6 juegos nuevos: - The Knight Witch (Steam) - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (Steam) - Fort Triumph (Epic) - Battlefield 2042 (Steam/Origin) - Alien Swarm (Steam) - Stormworks:... see more
  • Do którego z wiedźmińskich domów Ty należysz?
    TrendaTen mi również wyszła szkoła wilka 😄 see more
  • #GameTogether - CS:GO (Thurs 15 Dec)
    DracoTarot please do! It would be awesome to play together 💙 see more
  • World Cup Smart Ball ⚽
    The World Cup being held in Qatar and the "Journey Ball" are definitely a big achievement for the Arabs! 👏 see more
  • World Cup Smart Ball ⚽
    M2lobaz oh wow, definitely did not know that! ​​​​​​​I can't wait to visit Egypt again though 💙 see more
  • 🟢2️⃣1️⃣ - True or False
    True, the next poster is a MCU fan see more