• ¡Hola Mundo!
    CandelaSynth casi, de Murcia pero te has quedado cerca. Creo que la mejor película de animación que he visto es El Viaje de Chihiro pero hay tantas buenas que es difícil quedarse con una, esa que me comentas no la he visto pero me la apunto. see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣6️⃣- Which is worse?
    Cold french fries 🤮 Toothache or headache? see more
  • E3 2023 show canceled
    JetStream I remember before internet I used to read mgazines talking about what happened and what was announced there, then I started to watch conferences on the internet or at least read articles ! But what makes you think it will come back ? I explain why this question, manufacturers and editors... see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣6️⃣- Which is worse?
    Hi Legion-ers! For those who don't know, we will have 1 activity every Friday, posted on the Legion Fridays board, and 5-6 winners will be announced at the end of every month! Here is our last Legion Fridays for March! 😎 and because this month has 5 Fridays in it, we decided to give 7... see more
  • Hej wszystkim
    Serdecznie witamy desakim 🙂 masz ochotę opowiedzieć nam coś o sobie? Jakie gry lubisz najbardziej? see more
  • Testowaliście otwartą betę Diablo IV?
    Po doniesieniach o problemach technicznych z grą nawet nie mam odwagi próbować. A nuż mi laptop stanie w ogniu. 😱 see more
  • March 31st: What day is today?
    wow, that's really interesting. and those facts about the tower are really fascinating.it's amazing to think that it was once the tallest structure in the world for so long. and it's great that you also mentioned world backup day. thanks for sharing these fun facts with us see more
  • #LegionEvolved. moamen
    Thank youu 🤩 see more
  • Just dropped in...
    that's such a great story, and congratulations on winning the legion h600 headset in the august fridays event! it's always hard to let go of something you've been using for a long time see more
  • يارب افوز في مسابقة شونق sxb
    يارب افوز في مسابقة شونق sxb see more
  • كيف تبدأ ؟
    يا رب - - - Updated - - - يا رب see more
  • Introducing the new Lenovo Legion Slim Series!
    The Slim 7 16'' is just a beast in everything. Ready to change the way of gaming ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Upcoming Legion Pro 7 and Legion Pro 5
    wow, it sounds like you had an amazing experience at iem and got to learn a lot about the gaming industry and the latest products from lenovo.the ai chip sounds like a really innovative feature that could give gamers a competitive edge. ​​​​​​​thanks for sharing your experience and insights. see more
  • ¡Hola Mundo!
    CandelaSynth bienvenida! Buena tierra el sur de España jejeje, mi mujer es de Jerez. Como no sabia de donde era la foto he hecho trampa y la he buscado en Google 🤣, es Malaga jejee ¿Saber de mi? Spotlight:... see more
  • Introducing LOQ notebooks and towers!
    is LOQ better than Pro version ? see more
  • 🟢 3️⃣5️⃣ - ليس في غرفة نومي!
    طاوله see more
  • Metalheads of the community: Quizz and lets share some music
    galadrielmt No need to say sorry and I have a connection to what you are saying. On the other, hand if I need to go deep into the subject I feel for some of us, that which traditionally causes comfort leaves us feeling anxious rather than calm. Yet, some kinds of darker experiences create... see more
  • Tekken 8
    Va che bello, ai tempi mi ci sono consumato la vista sul CRT!! (tra l'altro il robot in immagine era il mio preferito) ​​​​​​​ EDIT: non riesco a caricare l'immagine, in nessun modo :( - - - Aggiornato - - - Non lo tocco piu, mi spiace che faccia schifo il post ma alla fine ha caricato 3... see more
  • 3️⃣5️⃣- Not in my living room A-Z
    yak see more
  • 3️⃣5️⃣- Not in my living room A-Z
    Yacht see more