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  • 🌙👻 أي فيلم رعب يطارد أحلامك؟ 💀📽️
    مرحبًا، زملائي اللاعبين والأرواح الشجاعة لليلة مظلمة! 👋🎮 لدينا جميعًا تلك القصة المخيفة الواحدة التي انغمست في عقولنا، مخلفة وراءها حالة دائمة من الرعب! 🌚🌌 لذلك، اجتمعوا حول مخيمنا الرقمي وأخبرونا: أي فيلم رعب يطارد أحلامكم مثل شبح لا يرحم؟ هل كانت قصة شبح تثير الرعب، أم قصة قاطع الطريق تثير... see more
  • Looking for a companion to travel across Japan
    Living in Japan is a wonderful experience, but there are also difficulties that international students like me need to face. I encountered many difficulties while studying abroad in Japan. I have tried to improve my language skills through online home school courses such as E-talk, Google, Lac... see more
  • New legionnaire has appeared
    Hi to all 😁 I am new here and I am looking forward to have fun with you all! 🤗 To my person. I am just a nerdy girl from next door who wants to dive deep into story games and I suck in competition games. I am really bad at them hahah 😅. Actually I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 again. ​​​​​​​ see more
  • autonomie de la batterie du Slim 5
    En regardant les critiques, je les ai vu dire que los angeles durée de vie de la batterie devrait être de 7 à 8 heures avec une simple navigation sur le net. J'ai le Ryzen 7 avec le 4060 et avec le mode silencieux activé avec économiseur de batterie, une price complète dure environ 3 à... see more
  • Noita -50% su Steam!
    Noita -50% scontato su Steam fino al 9 ottobre: ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Nadchodzą zmiany w GameTogether!
    Hej wszystkim! Od października zmieniamy harmonogram GameTogether! Od teraz, zamiast cotygodniowych wydarzeń GameTogether z udziałem dwóch Community Managerów, co miesiąc odbywać się będzie jedno DUŻE wydarzenie GameTogether z udziałem wszystkich Community Managerów! Pewnie zapytacie: "Ale co... see more
  • Clan hispano para Ark Ascended
    Buenas comunidad, actualmente estamos reclutando gente de habla hispana, para hacer un buen grupo y jugar a Ark Ascended y Ark 2.Contamos con años de experiencia en juegos survival. Estamos bien organizados y tenemos buen rollo dentro. Que pedimos? *No toxicidad. *+18. *Actividad en el... see more
  • информ
    ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО ДА see more
    BEST OF SERIOUS SAM su Steam: see more
  • Her Legion Dalia's stream
    I did not come on time because I was sick 🤒 see more
  • The most expensive things you buy!!!!😦😓😔😖☺
    I buy clothes online and every time they don't come in my size 😅 see more
  • Being a gamer may be hard for some people
    I think gender doesn't matter, in professional gaming it's all about your gaming skills I agree that living conditions in some countries are a problem in the life of anyone who dreams of a good gaming computer. It may be difficult, but you have to be smart and overcome it. good luck to you see more
  • New legionnaire has appeared
    Welcome to the legion community👋 Have a good time 😊 see more
  • Looking for a companion to travel across Japan
    Amazing, You learned Japanese I've been trying to learn some Japanese words, but it's hard Japanese people work long hours and focus on their work, so I advise you to adapt to them and try to make friends when you go out to work and talk to them. This will improve you a lot see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan Livestream with Dalia
    Legion Coldfront 5.0 thermal system see more
  • 🏆 Legion Fridays - September Winners!
    Yaaay congratulations 🎊 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️ see more
  • Rewatch the #HerLegion Clan Livestream with Dalia
    Goodluck everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - - - Updated - - - That's an answer for the question in live >> ​​​ (Cold front 5.0 cooling system) Dalia's Fav features is the battery she said we always have a problem with the battery aswell (That's too light and i love it ) also cooling system ... see more
  • 🌙👻 أي فيلم رعب يطارد أحلامك؟ 💀📽️
    مكنتش كويسة نفسيا لما اتفرجت على the black phone بحس أن افلام الرعب الدموية والاساطير مش مخيفة أد أفلام الرعب النفسية see more
  • Zapraszamy na 4tą edycję Turnieju Fortnite!
    Zgłaszam się: teo_ost see more