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  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Man, it feels great to comment in this thread again 😁 Your points on a potential Majima game are all valid. Maybe Majima's lack of background info is actually his greatest allure 😅 Also, to avoid gameplay redundancy, RGG Studio might go down the new Assassin's creed path of diversifying gameplay... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    100% agree with you. This scene could’ve been handled in a much better way 😣 It's criminal how Majima's life events that you mentioned haven't been covered yet. Sega, please give our mad boi a Like a Hannya Gaiden game damnit! Oh god, I hope I didn’t ruin your momentum for Yakuza 6 🙁 Seeing... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    You have an excellent point about playing the game as an unhinged character. I'm honestly glad that he acted as a vessel for all the wacky characters instead of becoming one himself. For me, I liked the duality of Kiryu bulldozing through hell (and coming out on top), while poor Majima was consumed... see more
  • what is your favourt anime
    One piece would be my pick 😄 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Yep, no concrete release date for Silksong so far 😭 I think Majima always had that madness in him (as seen in some side missions and his conversation with Komaki), but Y1 onwards he started to voice those crazy thoughts out aloud 😅 As for Kiryu's legend status, I 100% agree with you. I wish we... see more
  • Lenovo M530 Wooden Bluetooth Speakers
    These speakers are oozing aesthetics! Love how the versatile design of these won't restrict them just to the PC table. Congrats on the amazing purchase 😁 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    That's a sound plan! You'll probably be a pro at using the controller by the time Silksong will come out. That game can't come soon enough 😣 Lmao Cassandra will probably go rogue if Varric ever stops writing the books 😂 That's rad!!! Do share your favorite moments from the game. Also... see more
  • The new Legion lineup announced at CES 2023!
    Ooof, look at those beefy specs 😮 I was worried that the hardware housed within might generate a lot of heat, but it looks like the new iteration of the coldfront tech will deliver once again 😄 The laptop seems well equipped to handle that Middle Eastern heat. see more
  • Received my Legion Fridays prize 😁 (Legion Bottle)
    AhmedKhaledv2 There seems to be a giveaway of some sort taking place on Lenovo's virtual CES site, so you might wanna try your luck there 😁 LadyS Ty ty 😄 It looks even better in person. Such a premium-looking machine 😤 iMoertal Tysm 😁 see more
  • Best Game you Suck At 🏆 Award
    My blood pressure shot through the roof while I was playing the Shadow of the Colossus remake 😭 The control scheme in that game came in swinging and whacked that "Best game you suck at" trophy on my head. see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Wait, so the movement is tied to IJKL? Or is it just for the karaoke and disco stuff? So yeah Hollow Knight is definitely easier with a controller (at least for me), the game itself though is slightly on the harder side 😅 Precise jumps, dodging enemy strikes and all that jazz. That said,... see more
  • Received my Legion Fridays prize 😁 (Legion Bottle)
    gohan Thank you 😄 That's the Legion 5 laptop 😁 The new design looks pretty good eh. I wonder if the Legion 5 2023 model will retain the same design or not 😀 see more
  • Received my Legion Fridays prize 😁 (Legion Bottle)
    DoomGuy Thank you for the kind words 😁 see more
  • Happy New Year!
    Lols 😂 With all these once in a generation events happening lately, I was fully expecting the calendar to change the date to December 32, 2022 😭 see more
  • What's your favorite thing that happened in the community this year?
    DracoTarot My goodness, that's some next level incompetency 😔 Please keep reaching out to the relevant authorities that handles all this mess. That 8 month time period is so rage inducing. Are solar panels a viable option in your region? Likewise my dude 😁 It's always a joy to interact with you.... see more
  • Received my Legion Fridays prize 😁 (Legion Bottle)
    @Saka Oh that's a bummer 😔 On the bright side, Legion Fridays are still a thing, so I hope you and @M2lobaz get to win a brand new Legion bottle in the near future 😄 @DracoTarot Tyty 😁 And yes, so many possibilities! KhaledH 100% getting hydrated after seeing your pfp. It reminded me of the... see more
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy new year 😁 That image is so relatable lmao 😂 Here's hoping that we don't get a 2020 Part 3 🤞 see more
  • Received my Legion Fridays prize 😁 (Legion Bottle)
    Yesterday, I was reflecting upon my very dreary year and baam suddenly out of nowhere I get a delivery person's call to collect a package. This beautiful bottle came out of that package 😁 Smiles all around. What a great gift to start off this year! Looks like I will meet my hydration goals... see more
  • KM300 November winner prize arrived
    Wohooo look at that RGB goodness 😁 Congrats my dude! What games are you planning to play with this KB/M combo? see more
  • What's your favorite thing that happened in the community this year?
    DracoTarot Oh no 😥 I hope the problem is sorted now. It's great seeing you here again 😄 Imma send the thunder boi Raiden your way if that dang electricity takes you away from us again 😤 see more