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  • DoctorEldritch is going away for a bit!
    I saw this post of yours after sending you a message 😭 Please ignore that and have a jolly good time 😁 see more
  • Lenovo Legion H300 Headset Arrived
    Massive congratulations my dude DracoTarot😁 Time to fire up that Doom (2018) OST 🔥🔥🔥 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    My brain just refuses to comprehend that section of the game😅 Nothing screams 80s like that Disco minigame 😤 Sega, please give us a standalone karaoke and disco Yakuza title🙏 For me, chronological order is the way to go. Yakuza 0 lays such a solid foundation for the character motivations in... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Lmao that ending is like a fever dream 😂 Even after seeing an ending analysis video, I still don't understand what the heck happened. I remember reading this pretty apt description of a certain character 😂😂😂 He's Yu Morinaga. He came up to Kiryu. He fought Kiryu. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    Thruster Woohoo a fellow Redragon K552 owner😁 How has been your experience with the keyboard so far😄? see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Speaking of heat actions, I love how Shinada puts down the baseball bat whenever you pick it up. Says that baseball bats are not to be used for violence🥹 The tiny details *chef's kiss Ooh endgame hype! I wonder if the ending will be to your liking or not😅 see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    thecorf This thick slab of a keyboard is good enough to be wielded as a weapon during WW3, and yet I'm afraid of removing even the key caps like they show in the videos that you mentioned😭 That hole mod is something that I'll definitely be attempting in the future😁 see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    I just started my mechanical keyboard journey with the insanely cheap Redragon K552 keyboard (red switches) 😀 Having a jolly good time with it, but I do wish that it came with a wireless option. thecorf My god that keyboard looks so good! Taking notes from your super detailed and informative... see more
  • The Game Awards 2022 : the nominees
    Oh wow those are some impressive numbers from Ragnarok😯 You know people were hyped for a game when it surpassed even Spider-man's sales figures. Well deserved for such a great game👏 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Yeah there's definitely some filler in that Haruka part😅 I weep for the brave souls that aim for 100% completion😭 So it was Shinada's part that I didn't enjoy much. Really liked his personality, but good god his combat is just underwhelming. Still, I was glad to see a character who was affected... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    The sales started a bit early here, so I managed to get a cheap mechanical keyboard and a laptop stand😄 My laptop will breathe better now😤 DoctorEldritch Nope I haven't played the Judgement games yet😣I still have to beat Yakuza 6 and Like a Dragon. Hope they get heavily discounted so that I can... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Oh I might be misremembering things then 🫥 I was alright with the gameplay in that section, but man did some of those fan interactions weird me out 😣 Lmao that description 😂😂😂 This is to me, is the charm of Yakuza games lols. At first I actually thought Haruka's clothes were modded lols. see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Lmao that's Taiga in a nutshell😂 If I remember right, there's an item in the game which reduces the frequency of random encounters on the streets. You can try using it if this section of the game proves to be tedious😄 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    I haven't played Yakuza 6 and Like a Dragon yet, but man Yakuza 0 deserves those amazing sales numbers. It's not only the best Yakuza game (for me), but it's easily among my top 10 games of all time list😤 That's the game that I really want you and M2lobaz to play😁 Now that you mention it, I... see more
  • The Game Awards 2022 : the nominees
    Agreed 100%. Just being on the nomination list is a massive win for Stray 😄 ​​​​​​​Oooh that means Ragnarok is really as good as everyone's saying 👀 I just started playing it yesterday, and BOY did the first hour impress big time. Yet to see if it lives up to that AAAA title praise though😁 see more
  • The Game Awards 2022 : the nominees
    Look at our little kitty up there with all the big shots🥹 Although my personal GOTY pick (so far) is Elden Ring, I do wish that indie games like Stray could actually win over the other AAA titles (AAAA in Ragnarok's case 🫣). Stray accomplished so much with such a small team😁 @GoLLuM13 I... see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Yakuza 4 walked so Yakuza 5 could run😁I love that Y5 does the same for Y0 by the laying the foundation for insanely fun minigames and the whimsical side quests like you mentioned. Video game devs, please take notes from this👆It's so much better than those forced cameos and adverts in games... see more
  • Eye bleach
    Whenever my brain is down in the gutter, I always look at this image filled with pure unadulterated joy🥹 see more
  • Have you played Yakuza games?
    Yep, Klei would've been the perfect candidate. Ubisoft however, seems to have moved past those amazing UbiArt projects (Valiant Hearts, Child of Light etc). Apart from some mobile titles, I doubt that they (or a 3rd party studio) will revisit the Chronicle games😔 - From VGC I'm cautiously... see more
  • 1️⃣8️⃣ - CTRL-V game
    QueenTomato Lols that's programming in a nutshell 😂 see more