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  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    DoctorEldritch So amazing! Are the winners presented in the 1-8 order? see more
  • Is this real? Among Us is gettig a movie?
    DoctorEldritcht If this is real, I can already see all the memes that this movie would produce. I'd actually go out of my way to try to see the movie then hahaha see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    DoctorEldritch The thing is there is different hardstyle that fit different people, some with sad lyrics, some with uplifting lyrics and even some without but it differs from person to person. The thing is that there are many hardstyle remixes of already mainstream popular songs so if you want to... see more
  • Hi everyone
    Board and card games hit different, especially if they're played in person as it makes time flies and creates unforgettable moments! see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    This is just a personal choice but I do rely on the hardstyle genre of music for the majority of december and the winter in general. Main reason being is that, as we know, the nordic countries tend to have little to no sun during the winter period which can lead to seasonal depression in alot of... see more
  • God of War Ragnarök, the last of the GOW series
    The long awaited game that has been the game on every gamer's mouth these past few weeks. This game could quite literally be the best game of out generation, not many games get such high praise but this game unequivocally deserves it. Is breath taking graphics and unbeatable gameplay are only a... see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    DoctorEldritch My competitive spirit is officially on! see more
  • Get tickets for DreamHack Winter 2022!
    Tournaments that would be accessible to all types of gamers from the casuals, hardcores, the professionals,and even the retros. An example would be Gang beast for the casuals, Rocket league for the hardcores and Super Mario bros for the retros. That would enable the whole gaming community to feel... see more
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