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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Chat GPT 4.0 🤖
    Chat GPT is a very versatile tool, it can be very helpful. One just needs to keep in mind that it has its limitations and it's not a replacement for using one's head to think. It's very common that the AI actually generates "believable bullshit" and one needs to be prepared for that possibility and... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    Chłop ma Cyberpunk w podstawowej wersji, może powinnam wypróbować jak działa na LOQ. 🤔 see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia Chyba to, że poza podświetleniem klawiatury to nie wygląda jak gamingowy laptop. Klawisze w kolorze dopasowanym do obudowy wyglądają bardzo elegancko. Spokojnie można go wziąć na jakieś poważne spotkania i nie będzie prowokował komentarzy. 😉 Niestety, odkryłam też coś, co mi się nie... see more
  • October 2023 : Selection of games to be released
    @GoLLuM13 I have been wondering about the Detective Pikachu game. Apparently the first one was quite fun (I didn't have a DS then and now it's RIP). Here's a review of the demo of Detective Pikachu Returns. Seems like a rather simple game, but it's still the very beginning of the game. If it turns... see more
  • Światowy Dzień Gotowania 🍚 W jakie gry związane z gotowaniem lubicie grać?
    Gotować lubię, ale odkąd zdrowie mi się posypało, rzadko się do tego zabieram. Mój małżonek jakiś czas temu odkrył, że przygotowywanie jedzenia żeby się nim podzielić z innymi jest całkiem spoko i większość czasu to on zapewnia nam pożywienie. Zresztą w przeciwieństwie do mnie, nie ulega... see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @TrendaTen Już chyba poprawiłam. Chat GPT uważa, że jestem facetem. Dzisiaj skończyły mi się łyżki w szufladzie i żeby nie zwlekać bardziej z tłumaczeniem wzięłam bazę z chatu i poprawiałam tam, gdzie nie bardzo wyszło tlumaczenie. Różnica jednej litery jednak jest trudniejsza do wyłapania,... see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    Filmik jest po angielsku, ale są dostępne polskie napisy. Otrzymałam niedawno ekscytującą okazję do przygotowania recenzji laptopa Lenovo LOQ 15 we współpracy z firmą Intel. Wcześniej w tym roku firma Lenovo ogłosiła nową serię produktów o nazwie LOQ. Nazwa symbolizuje zaangażowanie w zawieranie... see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    @DoctorEldritch I've never had it, so definitely not popular where I live at least. see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    I hate to get my keyboard or mouse dirty; plus it'd be quite unhygienic to touch the peripherals and then food that I put in my mouth. Most of the time I eat snacks while gaming, I actually do so during small breaks, and then wash my hands afterwards. Sometimes I would eat a bit of chocolate or... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    @GoLLuM13 Yeah, that's what I meant. There are sockets, so you can do that. It's just more expensive and a lot of users are skittish about performing such modifications, even though in the EU replacing the memory and drives from socketed systems does not void warranty. Similarly to the bigger... see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @DoctorEldritch posting one month into the future already! 😂 see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    @GoLLuM13 Yeah, it's a well-made laptop and the performance is nothing to sneer at. I think my biggest issue is that the 16GB of ram feels very little when paired with a powerful processor and graphics; there is no 32GB variant available. And some games are just incredible memory hogs... The... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    <span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="line-height:107%;"><span style="font-family:Calibri, sans-serif;"></span></span></span> I was recently granted an exciting opportunity to prepare reviews of a Lenovo LOQ 15 in collaboration with Intel. Earlier this year, Lenovo announced a new series of... see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @Liue It doesn't sound right if the laptop is getting hot enough to throttle when doing low demand tasks. If the behaviour is only recent, could it be caused by dust buildup? Spring and early summer were dusty as hell this year due to long drought, my laptop was looking quite gnarly inside when I... see more
  • Imposter Syndrome
    People pick hobbies at all ages. Don't worry about what ifs and just enjoy the games now. You can always improve and learn new things, age shouldn't be stopping you from that. While I have been playing games for many years, there's one other hobby example I can use. I practised kendo as late... see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    @DoctorEldritch Oh dear... Poor chili. see more
  • Dishes A-Z
    I will add one last hurray of the letter P. Pancakes! In Poland, pancakes are associated with flat pastry, slightly similar to crêpes, but more meaty. They can be served both with sweet and savoury stuffing. I sometimes make them, and because I am lazy, I eat them with quark or jam. I had a... see more
  • Sierpniowa Tabela Medalowa Zawodów Legion 🥇
    @Aaricia O, zapowiada się dobra zabawa! 😊 see more
  • What video game dish would you try?
    @DoctorEldritch I would have to think about the exclusive dishes. But I have two World of Warcraft cooking books and have made some stuff from them. The Dragonbreath Chili (if I remember the name correct) was pretty nice! see more
  • Sierpniowa Tabela Medalowa Zawodów Legion 🥇
    Oprócz życiowego bałaganu też jakoś mało było dyskusji w lecie oprócz konkursów. 🤔 Swoją drogą, za chwilę mamy październik, czy szykują się w nim może atrakcje jak rok temu? see more