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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Macie plany na majówkę? 🌞
    @Aaricia Tak, były bardzo smaczne. Z kremem waniliowym 😁 see more
  • Kendo
    @DoctorEldritch There are degrees of the black belts too. It's just not a common knowledge to people who don't do martial arts. So I got my first black belt degree, in a year I would be eligible to test for the second. In kendo, the highest attainable is 8, but it's already half-legendary... see more
  • A TV potpourri
    @DoctorEldritch Ah yeah, best not to get sick at all, no matter what times we live in. 😅 The trailer is very cute. Shame it's a Netflix eclusive. When the animations are very generic, it doesn't bother me that there's no lip sync. It's when there are actual lip movements, but not matching the... see more
  • Do you do any kind of art?
    I got a bit of backlog with the art in my diary, but here's a Pichu: see more
  • Save the date for the ID@Xbox!
    @DoctorEldritch Truth be told, any major technology breakthrough brought some scare to the public. But yet, the world eventually adapted and we have electricity, cars, internet and whatnot in our daily lives. see more
  • A TV potpourri
    @DoctorEldritch Fingers crossed you get the diagnosis soon! I don't know what's the situation in the UK, but in Finland the healthcare is still exhausted after covid and at the same time, the current government is limiting the funding. Especially the specialist care is going to get drastic cuts,... see more
  • Save the date for the ID@Xbox!
    @DoctorEldritch The AI pandora box is already open, so I think it would be good if people focused on what good can be done with it. see more
  • A TV potpourri
    @DoctorEldritch It's same old, except I put my foot down, so I finally got a referral to a specialist instead of a GP doing "treatment" for months over webchat. Hopefully that will move things forward, although the wait might be long. Neurologist queues tend to be awful. see more
  • Save the date for the ID@Xbox!
    @DoctorEldritch We are probably not too far away from that. Verbal languages are already translated by context, not word to word. So when the AI becomes more proficient at that, it should be possible to transform it into signs. see more
  • How can we reduce waste?
    @DoctorEldritch That's interesting, I added it to my search engines. At least Google will know a little less about me for a while then. 😂 see more
  • A TV potpourri
    @DoctorEldritch Basically it got more expensive and now it's required that all family members live under the same roof. Disney+ doesn't care where the subaccounts log in from. About Ghost of Tsushima, I would be more hyped if my executive function managed to get more time to play newer games.... see more
  • Przywitanie
    Zima CHYBA już w końcu przegnana. Koleżanka znalazła na spacerze pierwsze krokusy. Trochę mam zaległości z malowaniem, bo ciężko z inspiracją jak zdrowie się sypie. Po trzech miesiącach "leczenia" przez webchat udało mi się wywalczyć skierowanie, ciekawe ile jeszcze sobie poczekam. 🤔 Do... see more
  • Macie plany na majówkę? 🌞
    Finowie świętują noc Walpurgii. Z tej okazji we wtorek wieczorem byliśmy u znajomych na domowych pączkach. Potem przez ten nadmiar socjalizacji odchorowałam cały nastepny dzień. 😅 see more
  • Polska Gra Manor Lords
    Nie moj gust, jeżeli chodzi o gry, ale jak na dzieło małej ekipy wygląda imponująco. see more
  • Kendo
    I am not sure if I mentioned this already, but recently I got my first black belt. And of course, it feels underwhelming and I frequently feel like I have no idea what I am doing. 😂 see more
  • Save the date for the ID@Xbox!
    @DoctorEldritch It's a good start. Hopefully in the future the trailers could also get interpreters. While captions are also a great accessibility tool, they are not suitable for every deaf person. Some of them have trouble processing oral languages because they only use them in writing and don't... see more
  • How can we reduce waste?
    @DoctorEldritch Huh, that's interesting, but on the other hand I am really used to old trusty Firefox. see more
  • A TV potpourri
    Oh, good to see that Shogun is available on Disney+. Family got annoyed by the changes to subscription plans in Netflix and thus I no longer have access to it. Once upon a time I was fairly interested in Japan from Edo and Meiji periods, so the series would fit that. see more
  • [GAME] The 14 errors on the image - April 2024
    Shephard's insignia is changed from N7 to 27 and the backpack strap on the far right is replaced by something else. see more
  • Know any Games that warn us what may happen?
    The game has really good reviews too, I think it's something I should pick up one day. Playing something smaller once in a while can be surprisingly refreshing. see more