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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    There are mods! You just don't get to choose them, they are applied randomly. My current one seems to be named "cataclysms, calamities and disasters". 😂 see more
  • #GameTogether - Among Us 7 December!
    I'll try joining if my schedule allows. see more
  • #GameTogether - CS:GO 9 December!
    Oh, that's something definitely not in my style. But probably fun for others! 😅 see more
  • Świąteczne żarełko
    Hej! Powoli nadchodzą święta Bożego Narodzenia. Zwłaszcza w polskiej tradycji wigilijny stół kojarzy się z objedzeniem się do niemożliwości. Jakie macie tradycje, jeżeli chodzi o jedzenie na święta? Nie tylko na wigilię, ale cały świąteczny okres. Polska jest ciekawa, bo w zależności od regionu... see more
  • December Winter Festivities in Legion Community!
    I made a thread about Christmas preparations: ☺ see more
  • Świąteczne filmy
    Ze starszych propozycji lubiłam Ekspres Polarny. Teraz czytam, że na Netfliksie jest nowa animacja na podstawie "Opowieści wigilijnej". Trailer wygląda zachęcająco, chyba muszę obejrzeć. see more
  • Christmas preparation
    Since December already started, the Christmas season is drawing near. The decorations are already up in many places - for example in Finland in the towns and cities the Christmas trees are commonly alive spruces that grow near a significant place, they get decorated every year. They are very pretty... see more
  • True or False
    True. The next poster has a large mouse mat. see more
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is on its way! And so is our game-night with exclusive rewards!
    I decided to refresh this thread a little, since the expansion is already there. I've been rather busy IRL, so I didn't get very far yet, but I managed to get to the level cap and finish the leveling story. I will save the judgement of the expansion for later, but the first impressions were... see more
  • Do którego z wiedźmińskich domów Ty należysz?
    TrendaTen Czyli coś w stylu filmu Suicide Squad, tyle że w Wiedźmińskich klimatach? 🤔 see more
  • Topic about community itself
    I have not personally experienced the Legion website having excessive delays, but I've seen it mentioned in another section of the community. So it is definitely a thing, but might not be caused by the server Lenovo is using, but rather something in the routing. If that's the case, then the issue... see more
  • DoctorEldritch is going away for a bit!
    Hopefully your time off is a good time! Until Friday then! see more
  • Czy coś się stało?
    TrendaTen Aha, dzięki za wyjaśnienie. O tych zakupach to nie wiedziałam. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    DoctorEldritch If they went by the size of the package that would've been a nightmare. The bezel width, gaps between the sets of keys and such can differ quite a bit! see more
  • 🎅 December: Winter Festivities!
    What are the celebrations like in your area? What are the decorations since winter theme doesn't really mix with the middle of the summer? 🤔 I am starting to get snow in my place, hoping it stays, because otherwise the polar night is just nasty. My sunlight... I miss it. see more
  • Do którego z wiedźmińskich domów Ty należysz?
    Widocznie jestem jeszcze innym odmieńcem: see more
  • Lenovo Legion H300 Headset Arrived
    Congratulations DracoTarot! The headset looks nice, the blue accents are great! see more
  • November 2022 : [Steam] Hardware & Software Survey
    The average VRAM is a bit higher than I expected, I guess the older cards with lower numbers are getting phased out by the new ones with very large VRAM quantities. My laptop 3070 is feeling self-conscious now, because it only has 8 GB. 😅 The rest of the survey results doesn't come as a... see more
  • Czy coś się stało?
    TrendaTen Muszę przyznać, że Glovo znam tylko ze słyszenia. W krainie reniferów są Wolt i Foodora (ale się wyprowadziłam poza ich zasięg działania), a w Polsce raczej zjem na mieście niż zamówię do domu. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    DoctorEldritch I found a nice picture explaining the keyboard sizes: see more