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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Fall guys
    Yup! The next Fall Guys session is on 22nd February. see more
  • Konkurs Lenovo Legion 5i
    Sinber Jaka tam bestia, po prostu jest prawdziwym Krukonem! see more
  • What's the first video-game you've ever played?
    I played some DOS games while sitting on my sister's lap, more than two decades ago. I wish I could tell the names, but I only have faint recollections and proof in the family picture album. 😂 see more
  • the most game U played
    I played World of Warcraft the most. Still got friends in there and there hasn't been any other game that managed to attract all these people together. see more
  • comfy games recommendations
    I recommend Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Some missions may get slightly trickier, but I don't think they are stressful even then. The graphics are really cute and look super good. see more
  • Konkurs Lenovo Legion 5i
    W sumie bardziej mnie ciekawi, co tam TrendaTen wymysli niż sam wynik losowania. 😁 see more
  • Jaka postać z gry Cię wkurza?
    TrendaTen No trudno! Po prostu z opisu to jakiś kosmos. see more
  • Windows XP może nadal otrzymywać aktualizacje ;)
    Aaricia see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    DoctorEldritch Hmm, something in-between. Something where I find out that two tablespoons of raw cocoa is a bit hard to blend smoothly with the milk in the pot. 😅A lot of furious whisking. see more
  • Baking
    DoctorEldritch Does it help if you cook for a relative or friend who would be coming over? I know that I get terribly lazy when alone, but cooking for someone else and watching them enjoy it feels worth the effort. The movie seems dark. Maybe I can counter it with this: No idea why the... see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    DoctorEldritch Nothing wrong with hot chocolate! I often make it when I am not feeling too well and need something to pick me up. see more
  • What character in a game annoyed you?
    thecorf Sure, take your time! The topic is waiting here on the forums! GoLLuM13 Oh dear, that remembered me of this NPC chasing after me whenever I port to New Dalaran in WoW on one of my paladins. "Hey, do you have a moment?!". Or when I want to do workout in Ring Fit Adventure, Tipp keeps... see more
  • Tea
    GoLLuM13 Any specific herbal tea? I sometimes have Moroccan mint, it's nice for mild indigestion. Or just for soothing too! I also developed a milk problem, but luckily for me it is just lactose intolerance. Lactose free I can drink almost by buckets without an issue. see more
  • Jaka postać z gry Cię wkurza?
    TrendaTen Masz do tego może link? see more
  • #GameTogether - Gartic Phone (Thurs 9 Feb)
    QueenTomato Thank you! It depends a bit on the prompt, some are too challenging for a quick doodle :D I am quite proud of my serpent in heaven though see more
  • What character in a game annoyed you?
    QueenTomato I figured out it's something that's not often talked about, but the discussion could be very interesting, because everyone gets annoyed by something different. What would be your pick? 😁 see more
  • Jaka postać z gry Cię wkurza?
    Aaricia Raczej tak? see more
  • Członkowie zespołu ds. produktów Lenovo odpowiedzieli na Wasze pytania!
    No proszę, codziennie się uczę czegoś nowego, na przykład że ludzie jeszcze mają mp3. 😅 see more
  • LEGO Atari® 2600! 🎮
    Aaricia Flipperzy są nawet wirtualni. Przerzucają itemki w grach. 😂 see more
  • Grudniowa Tabela Medalowa Zawodów Legion 🥇
    Aaricia A jak tam sprawa mojego podwójnego "obywatelstwa"? 😂 see more