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  • Podkładka pod myszkę Legion biała
    @Prywatny O! Spora ta podkładka i faktycznie, pasuje do legionowego gryzonia. 😁 see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Aaricia Póki co zdobyłam nagranie z walki w Baldur's Gate. Postaram się niedługo udostępnić. 😊 see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia Problem w tym, że mało który przenośny dysk oferuje na tyle dobre prędkości by z nich grać. Bo w obecnych czasach to gry zajmują tyle miejsca na dysku. Oczywiście, zależy też od gry, nie wszędzie potrzeba szybkiej transmisji. see more
  • The badges are coming!
    Did the badges actually make it to the forums? I don't think I recall anyone with other badge than the cake or the trophy. see more
  • Gamification update: new Legion Levels! Now with 500% more Levels!
    @DoctorEldritch Sorry to dig out this ancient thread, but there's a small headscratcher I've been having for a while. Both me and Gollum have been stuck at level 52 for a long time, possibly some other users as well. Could you possibly shed some light on how the levels work, what would be the... see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    @GoLLuM13 Thanks for the link! I like the avg 2 fps at the bottom of the chart. I guess at least it didn't become seconds-per-frame. 🤣 - - - Updated - - - @DoctorEldritch Not just Dwarf Fortress, there seems to be a small surge of retro-stylised games nowadays. Pixel games or isometric with... see more
  • Unboxing Lenovo LOQ 15 laptop!
    @Haffejeeeee The LOQ16 is almost the same as LOQ15, the difference is the 16:10 screen rather than 16:9. I posted the LOQ15 review in here. As for other laptops, I was on a press event in the winter that showed the current generation non-slim laptops, but they were only displayed on the shelf. No... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 21-28 September
    @DoctorEldritch Potionomics looks nice. Somehow I haven't heard of it before. It seems to be something I could put on my Steam wishlist and wait for a sale. I got a bit of hunger of ARPGs. I have been playing MMOs most of the time lately again, largely because of the expansion that Guild Wars 2... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 21-28 September
    @DoctorEldritch Yeah, you mentioned that you are looking for something different and this week's free offers don't fill that criteria. see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    @DoctorEldritch Ah yes, the patch did introduce some extreme mode for graphics. However, most mortals still can't run that, and neither would I. 😂 Basically from the requirements I saw for the overdrive, you need a desktop computer with the top tier graphics. You can absolutely enjoy the game... see more
  • Unboxing Lenovo LOQ 15 laptop!
    @Haffejeeeee Carbon fibre is expensive compared to aluminium or plastic. I do not expect this to become a mainstream solution, but rather a feature of premium-class products. It would not make sense to make the chassis a significant portion of the laptop's price tag in a midrank product. Carbon... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review
    In the thread about unboxing quite a few people expressed anticipation for the actual review of the laptop. Now, it is finally there! Apologies for the delay, but there were some formalities that needed taking care of. The video review covers the same aspects as the text, but goes less in-depth.... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 21-28 September
    @DoctorEldritch Is there something that you are eyeing right now? see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    @DoctorEldritch He has tried, but the quote of his experience is: "It ran like s-h-i-t on GTX 1070 and only slightly better on 5700XT". The RTX4060 in the laptop provides a lot more performance in newer games where it can benefit from the software tricks, such as latest DLSS and frame... see more
  • Unboxing Lenovo LOQ 15 laptop!
    @Haffejeeeee A bit late to reply, but the carbon case is currently only in the halo product that was just announced, the Legion 9i. The LOQ series has the chassis fully made of PC-ABS. You can find relevant information in the product specifications on the official product website. The choice... see more
  • Epic Games Store Free Games 21-28 September
    @DoctorEldritch Out of Line looks like something I could play. I have played similar games in the past. see more
  • Phantom Liberty is finally here!
    I found out that my spouse is actually excited that now we have a graphics card that can run the game with a decent amount of FPS, so it's possible I would have some information very soon how Cyberpunk 2077 works on the LOQ 15. 😁 see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @DoctorEldritch I have some sensory issues, so getting my fingers even slightly sticky is a big no no. I can eat fruit when in front of the computer, but then I don't do it with the same hand that I use to browse/type; usually it would be eating with the left hand and using the computer with the... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Aaricia To ogarnę temat, może nawet sam chłop chce zagrać i zrobi za mnie testowanie. Wcześniej gry nie przeszedł, bo na blaszaku karta graficzna ma już swoje lata i rozgrywka nie była płynna. EDIT: Zapytałam i mówi, że czekał na dobry moment do grania. Cytuję "It ran like 💙💙💙💙 on GTX1070 and... see more
  • Recenzja Lenovo LOQ 15
    @Aaricia Co prawda w tym egzemplarzu jest 1TB ale i tak się raz dwa zapcha grami, więc wyszła potrzeba przełożenia dysku m.2 ze starego komputera, żeby podwoić pojemność. Zamówiłam też już nowy ram, bo 16GB to za malo na pracę z wirtualnymi maszynami w 2023. 😅 Tak więc odwaga wynika... see more