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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Do którego z wiedźmińskich domów Ty należysz?
    TrendaTen Czyli coś w stylu filmu Suicide Squad, tyle że w Wiedźmińskich klimatach? 🤔 see more
  • Topic about community itself
    I have not personally experienced the Legion website having excessive delays, but I've seen it mentioned in another section of the community. So it is definitely a thing, but might not be caused by the server Lenovo is using, but rather something in the routing. If that's the case, then the issue... see more
  • DoctorEldritch is going away for a bit!
    Hopefully your time off is a good time! Until Friday then! see more
  • Czy coś się stało?
    TrendaTen Aha, dzięki za wyjaśnienie. O tych zakupach to nie wiedziałam. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    DoctorEldritch If they went by the size of the package that would've been a nightmare. The bezel width, gaps between the sets of keys and such can differ quite a bit! see more
  • 🎅 December: Winter Festivities!
    What are the celebrations like in your area? What are the decorations since winter theme doesn't really mix with the middle of the summer? 🤔 I am starting to get snow in my place, hoping it stays, because otherwise the polar night is just nasty. My sunlight... I miss it. see more
  • Do którego z wiedźmińskich domów Ty należysz?
    Widocznie jestem jeszcze innym odmieńcem: see more
  • Lenovo Legion H300 Headset Arrived
    Congratulations DracoTarot! The headset looks nice, the blue accents are great! see more
  • November 2022 : [Steam] Hardware & Software Survey
    The average VRAM is a bit higher than I expected, I guess the older cards with lower numbers are getting phased out by the new ones with very large VRAM quantities. My laptop 3070 is feeling self-conscious now, because it only has 8 GB. 😅 The rest of the survey results doesn't come as a... see more
  • Czy coś się stało?
    TrendaTen Muszę przyznać, że Glovo znam tylko ze słyszenia. W krainie reniferów są Wolt i Foodora (ale się wyprowadziłam poza ich zasięg działania), a w Polsce raczej zjem na mieście niż zamówię do domu. see more
  • What keyboard are you using? ⌨
    DoctorEldritch I found a nice picture explaining the keyboard sizes: see more
  • What's your cheer-up tune?
    I've been feeling really down this week and went to listen to this: Not exactly cheerful, as it's quite sorrowful, but it does speak of resolve. So in a way, it is about going up from a dark pit. see more
  • What is your favourite picture, meme or quote about Kindness?
    Even though it is another month, for some people hardships still continue. This is a picture I saw today and I approve of the message, because I am fighting an uphill battle lately: see more
  • True or False
    False. The next poster likes drinking tea. see more
  • Goodbye Autumn!
    DoctorEldritch It is a bit funny that both your highlights were in November, which you called a depressing month. Maybe it was not too bad, after all? ☺ I think my best part of the autumn is going back to kendo. It isn't a singular moment, more like a collection of them. I am slowly polishing my... see more
  • Hello There!
    Welcome to the community! Would you mind telling what kind of content you create? see more
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight prepatch i dropy na Twitch
    No, udało mi się w końcu dociągnąć do 70 levelu. Jeszcze fabuły cvałej nie przeszłam, ale tę część co jest przez siedemdziesiątką, to tak. Trochę ponuro przy końcu, ale też klimatycznie - Blizzard sięgnął też po starsze wątki i postanowił trochę dopowiedzieć. Poboczne questy są super, polecam -... see more
  • Hi everyone
    Welcome! Board games can be very fun because of the social element added to them. Did you try to play those online? There's "Tabletop Simulator" that allows you to play many board games. It works pretty well from what I've seen. see more
  • Joining Legion from Sweden
    Huh, I often drink hot chocolate that way, but it doesn't have that effect on me. It is very good for sore throat though. Perhaps in the Nordics coffee is inevitable. Most Finns I know drink tons of it. Myself, I go for quality over quantity. I don't drink that much, but the concoction I make at... see more
  • Konkurs dla aktywnych ✍
    Ciekawe tematy. Aktywna może jestem, chociaż w tym tygodniu miałam trochę dramy IRL i też premierę dodatku w WoWie, zabrakło czasu na forum. Chętnie wezmę udział. Muszę jeszcze przemyśleć odpowiedzi do wątków. ☺ see more