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  • Stwórz najbardziej niezwykłe zwierzę przy użyciu AI!
    Brawa dla @TrendaTen ! see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    @GoLLuM13 @DoctorEldritch Aw, you guys are making me blush. I do remember Sergey. I am not sure if I remembered to reply in the thread, but I was impressed by his detailed answer regarding the redesigned cooling in the 9i laptop. I am aware that "16GB is good enough for gaming, unless we... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    Kilka dni temu wyszła nowa wersja AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution - 3.0. W niej dostępna jest możliwość generacji klatek, coś, co NVIDIA już oferuje w swojej najnowszej wersji DLSS. Niestety, w teamie zielonych klatki można generować tylko na kartach z serii 4000. Firma AMD postawiła na rozwiązanie... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    @DoctorEldritch The official spec sheet says only 16GB is supported because the devices were not tested with more memory. I find it a shame that there was no official testing, as a lot of people are asking for this. When the LOQs were first announced, there were a few questions from users about... see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch You can get an AIO or a big air cooler even in a small mid-tower case just fine. Not so much room for custom loops with big radiators, but that kind of cooling is prohibitively expensive for most users anyway. For example my spouse has a desktop with m-ATX sized case and has a... see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch It depends. There are still full tower cases. Most popular ones are mid tower though, which have less 'spare room'. And there are people who like small form factor and try fitting their entire rig in a shoebox. see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    I have something like this: and it's been working great for me. Just gotta take the pc an extension cord to the balcony then watch a grey cloud leave the chassis. 😂 see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @DoctorEldritch On tye other hand you could say some people are picking their battles and choose the winnable ones. 😂 see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch I think @DracoTarot is talking about desktop computers, not laptops. In the case of a desktop you can generally remove the side panel and that'd give you plenty of access to the components. see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @DoctorEldritch Dishwashes still don't mean you won't have to wash stuff by hand, because not everything is dishwasher-safe. Some stains are also really hard to clean up in a dishwasher, and relatively easy to scrub with the scratchy side of a sponge. Roombas are also not replacement for normal... see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    With a laptop I would be very careful using compressed air, no more than a short blow at a time. The plastic elements may not like the difference in temperature and crack off/melt. I have seen that happen. A dedicated blower is better. I have used it both for desktop and laptops. Most of the... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Sinber Przy instalacji sterowników jest możliwość wyboru, chyba że wybierasz ekspresową instalację, wtedy leci z domyślnymi ustawieniami. see more
  • Narzędzie do kontroli laptopów Legion na Linuxie
    Lenovo Vantage jest dostępne tylko dla systemu Windows. I na Windowsie kończy się oficjalne wsparcie. Jednak wielu ludzi używa Linuksa albo na dual boocie albo jako jedyny system. Niedawno odkryłam, że jacyś mądrzy ludzie dokonali inzynierii odwrotnej sterowników z Vantage i opracowali zestaw... see more
  • Lenovo LOQ 15 review!
    So I can report back that the LOQ15IRH8 does indeed support 32GB of RAM. Due to some mishap I received a single stick of 32GB, and it still works in it. However, now that has me thinking of getting another one later on, so that I can have dual channel working again. 🤔 The memory training wasn't... see more
  • Gamer Gastronomie
    @DoctorEldritch yeah, and in those cases criticism can make things even worse. Those people need help, not judgement. I have seen some video about hacks for when the spoons run out, for example if you don't have the capacity to do dishes for a while, you can put them in a ziploc bag, and then... see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch I have some green plants, but they don't really seem to do anything about the dust. If anything, the plants themselves get dusty. The air purifier helps some, but not that much. The particles are just omnipresent and no amount of valiant efforts will catch them all. 😶 I was quite... see more
  • October: Spooky Month in the Legion Community! 🎃
    @DoctorEldritch Oh my, that's quite scary indeed... even the adult me feels a little bit unsettled by the first picture. A lot of the old children stories and movies have elements that are considered inappropriate or bad nowadays, as the social sensitivity was different back then. An example... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Sinber Akurat przeważnie wolę mieć czysty system bez dodatkowych aplikacji, więc GFE mam zainstalowane z rzadka. Opcję znam, ale akurat w przypadku CP to kwestia RT wymagającego zbyt dużo od mojego sprzętu. 😂 see more
  • Probably the coolest gaming experience out there: the Legion 9i 💻
    @DoctorEldritch The OP mentioned cat hair, so that would accelerate the vents and fan fins getting clogged up. OTOH I don't have any pets at the moment and my laptop still can be quite grey inside after a few months. Especially winter and spring time is really dusty in Finland, because the air... see more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Pierwszy Dodatek
    @Aaricia Jeszcze nie, brakuje czasu. Cyberpunk też nie był zadowolony z 16GB RAMu, było trochę ścinek. Jedna kość 32GB daje więcej FPS mimo braku dual channel. 🤔 see more