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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • I Miss The Community
    Welcome back to the community! Hopefully the results will turn out as good as you hope for! Sometimes an offline break is necessary and nothing wrong with that. see more
  • Hogwarts legacy na pierwszym gameplay
    TrendaTen Pewno siła wynalazków! see more
  • LEGO Atari® 2600! 🎮
    Aaricia Jeszcze nie wiem. Może. Ostatnim razem jak chciałam LEGO to mi chłop wypominał te niezłożone... see more
  • Grudniowa Tabela Medalowa Zawodów Legion 🥇
    "Ilość aktywnych użytkowników"? Hm, w sumie czemu nie. see more
  • Gramy Razem #GameTogether - 25 stycznia - Among Us!
    Aaricia Niet, zajęta środa była. Może następnym razem! see more
  • #GameTogether - Among Us (Wed 25 Jan)
    GoLLuM13 I will try! see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    DoctorEldritch Oh, I meant the type, not the origin. Fancy bars from fine ingredients are not common here. My favourite is dark, I can eat as much as 100% cocoa but as I said, not easy to buy at my place. I like 70% bars with some nuts and fruit too. When I want something sugary, good quality... see more
  • Suddenly...Rabbits!
    DoctorEldritch Annoying is still a classic! I was trying to think of a bunny and I realised that the second best SC2 player in Finland is a bunny! His tag is PuPu, which means a bunny in Finnish. see more
  • Sales! Sales! Sales!
    DoctorEldritch Aye, base game and mods already give plenty of options. It's just annoying that plenty of functionalities are locked behind the expansions when at least some of them should have been in the core game, for example the weather. see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    DoctorEldritch Sounds like quite a project. I will say that using a monitor and peripherals makes the laptop a whole new experience. see more
  • Hogwarts legacy na pierwszym gameplay
    A mnie chłop zapytał co myślę o grze, bo się zastanawiał czy mi nie kupić w prezencie. Nie wiem. Za to wiem, że na premierę sobie nie pogram, bo jadę do Polski. Rodzinka nie daje mi posiedzieć w spokoju na laptopie. TrendaTen To trafnie odgadłam jak malowałam obrazek z dynią! see more
  • Konkurs zakończony! - Przedstaw swoje drugie oblicze! Twoja szansa na zaprojektowanie własnej naklejki z ilustratorem Marvela @SalvaEspin
    Moje wirtualne alter ego łączy w sobie bojowniczą kendoczkę, paladynkę oraz healerkę. W razie kłopotów mam do dyspozycji miecz bądź książkę. Dobre słowo też czasem się znajdzie. see more
  • LEGO Atari® 2600! 🎮
    Odświeżam trochę wątek o LEGO, bo zauważyłam informację o promocji, można dostać gratis minizestaw - Sowę przy zakupie zestawu od 70zł. Do 29 stycznia. Allegro: Empik:... see more
  • Suddenly...Rabbits!
    I am surprised nobody mentioned Bugs Bunny yet! see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    DoctorEldritch Alas I can't easily buy gourmet chocolate where I live, so I don't have that much practice. But I do prefer fancy, dark chocolates over the sweet milk ones. see more
  • Sales! Sales! Sales!
    Bah, the Sims packs still cost more than I am willing to pay. Wish it was a bigger sale. 🤔 see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    DoctorEldritch 60% keyboards tend to be very compact, with just minimal bezels. I suspect the profile might be a problem though, likely too tall to fit under that laptop stand. see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    DoctorEldritch When playing with a keyboard and mouse the smaller keyboard you push towards your keyboard hand rather than keeping it in the middle. For keeping centered it best. I currently use a TKL and still have to move it a bit, else my shoulders will complain about the angle of hands. see more
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    DoctorEldritch The size depends mostly on your keybinding preferences, for me gaming on TKL vs 60% makes no difference. see more
  • What's your Passive Hobbies?
    Regarding coding, I am sort of jack of all trades. But lately I haven't done anything involving games lately. If I had to do that, it'd take some time to learn. Does eating chocolate count as a passive hobby? 😂 see more