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Unamused Snarktooth. Advocate for hearing loss & accessibility. Person, friend and a terrible/terrific* artist.
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  • Report on harassment in online gaming
    DracoTarot DoctorEldritch The talk about sentient robots being a threat to humanity reminded me of this Czech play, which actually invented the word "robot". see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    DoctorEldritch Actually plenty, we can just line up and have no downtime when executing techniques. It was surprisingly a lot of running. see more
  • Kontrowersje wokół Hogwart's Legacy
    Ciekawa opinia na temat Rowling oraz świata Hogwartu (długie, godzina, CC nie do końca dopasowane): see more
  • Women's rights
    I found this nice video, regrettably it has no CC available, but Windows 11 Live Captions were spot on: see more
  • Międzynarodowy Dzień Kobiet 🌺 Która kobieta jest dla Was największą inspiracją?
    Aaricia Znalazłam też taki fajny krótki filmik z 2015, niestety nie ma napisów (ale w razie potrzeby powiem że live captions z Windows 11 dają radę wyjątkowo dobrze). see more
  • Dyskryminacja kobiet w grach
    Na początku miesiąca natknęłam się na dość szczegółową prezentację z Australii na temat destrukcyjnych zachowań wymierzonych w kobiety i graczy LGBTQIA+. Uważam, że jest to temat, na który warto podyskutować. Nękanie jest plagą w grach online, może dotknąć każdego, ale kobiety lub osoby... see more
  • Take a moment to love yourself!
    The dinos had a nice comic today and I thought of DracoTarot when I saw it: see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    DoctorEldritch Bonking was good. Just me and two other people turned up today, so the senpai had an idea to do it very intense. I am dead now. see more
  • March Competition: Design your own female game character using AI
    DoctorEldritch Yeah, it is better than nothing. It's very frustrating though, because the improvement is not consistent and often it looks like being back to square one. 😐 see more
  • Planujecie wiosenne porządki? 🧹
    Przedwczoraj skrobałam fugi w łazience z kamienia, więc można uznać że część porządków już za mną. 😁 see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    DoctorEldritch Oh yes, it's a still very present issue. I have some stuff to post about it, but right now I have to run to bonk some people in the heads. I will do some writing over the weekend hopefully. 😊 see more
  • Join the Legion Fail It Till You Make It Competition!
    @DoctorEldritch Short answer: it's a hell. Apparently the game has a few escape moments and the difficulty there is on entirely different level than the rest of the game. There is a constant time pressure and you need to be very precise with all the jumps and skills. There is not much leeway in... see more
  • Stream Spring Sale (until 23rd of March)
    DoctorEldritch It is an expansion. But good news to you, you can play the core game for free indefinitely, until you buy the expansions. The expansions require game time. The free trial of the core game has only low impact limitations from my experience and you get to do a lot of story. For a... see more
  • March Competition: Design your own female game character using AI
    DoctorEldritch It did stop me from practicing kendo, I had a long hiatus. The foot being clumsy and numb is not ideal for kendo either, it's something that I am constantly trying to work around. In general my left leg is a mess and I am getting it treated, but the improvement is slow. see more
  • Legion Nordic Soapbox!
    DracoTarot Oh, I've seen this picture before. And I think I must've read several articles about that door! 😂 DoctorEldritch Would the topic of accessibility fit the soapbox? I tried reviving this thread a while ago, but got no responses at all. see more
  • Join the Legion Fail It Till You Make It Competition!
    DoctorEldritch ... I feel like this topic is being a hint at me being stuck in Ori and demanding a footage from it. 🙈 I have 200+ attempts so far, but haven't been able to continue in the last couple of weeks due to constant migraines. Too much flashing. see more
  • March Competition: Design your own female game character using AI
    I stopped driving years ago due to foot injury and I really should get back to it. The foot it somewhat better, I still have limited control of it, but it should be good enough for the clutch with some practice. I live in a fairly remote area nowadays and the public transport just doesn't work... see more
  • The hardware behind ChatGPT
    I posted this yesterday on the English boards, but in case some people prefer to interact in the Nordics boards, crossposting it. I have stumbled upon a mention of Microsoft upgrading the system running ChatGPT and it got me intrigued, so I started digging around the topic. This post is a... see more
  • The hardware behind ChatGPT
    GoLLuM13 Glad you liked it, I accidentally stumbled upon the announcement from Microsoft and started digging a little more. 😊 There were some other technical topics I've been meaning to write, but my migraines have pushed that back and now I don't know if there's any point of discussing not so... see more
  • 🚺 March: Women in Gaming month!
    gohan Oh yes, I do love my morning coffee with some chocolate. see more